Huge thank you to everyone who joined us at the CIO Strategy Meeting in New York last week!  

We were more than happy to welcome such an engaging group of influential industry leaders and dedicated sponsors in the heart of New York City.

The is one-day/one-evening event fostered a plethora of collaboration and thought-provoking ideas throughout the group discussion sessions. Here are a few conversation highlights noted by some of our facilitators that made an impact in sessions:


Cloud: The Shift in IT Infrastructure


Nicholas Diieso
Vice President, Head of Americas, Global Risk
Deutsche Bank

One of the key takeaways was that we identified was that this does really follow the technology cycle. 40-50 years ago, you had a big main frame and rented time on it. Then you went to terminals that could access that main frame. Then you went to personal computers, then servers in-house. Now it seems everyone is saying we’re still going to have servers, it’s just going to be in someone else’s house.


Coaching and the CIO


Mary LeBlanc
President & Principal Consultant 
Bridger Val Associates LLC

Coaching really focuses on asking questions and letting the employee come to their own answers, which is very different than other forms of feedback.


There was a lot of good discussion on how those questions can be asked. One example was needing to give timely feedback if someone gives a presentation and they didn’t do something well. We talked about going right away and saying what they didn’t do well, or saying “hey how did you feel you did,” and let them come to the conclusion.


CIO Leadership and Influence


Greg Fittinghoff
Acting Vice President and Chief Information Officer
The Fashion Institute of Technology

Some important leadership lessons for today’s CIO or chief technology consultant are they have to be able to listen. Park their ego at the door. They have to be able to be engaged with the business, and understand what is actually happening and taking place on a day-to-day basis.


They have to understand who the customers of the organization. And they have to be able to be someone who is not afraid to say “I don’t know, I need to learn, or I need to ask somebody.”


The event also featured two informational presentations from our committed group of sponsors. Joshua Haslett, Vice President of Business Development for Mitel, gave the opening keynote dinner on night one, expounding on digital disruption and how organizations can create meaningful change through technology.






Co-Host and Keynote Sponsor Qlik featured Peter Leddy, Director of Industry Partner Solutions, as the keynote lunch presenter. Peter’s presentation, “Enterprise Transformation in the New Era of Customer Engagement,” discussed the importance of creating flexible analytic environments, and investing in tools that make data preparation, discovery, visualization, and sharing work smoothly.

Stay tuned for detailed highlights from Peter’s presentation here on our blog, and click here to download his featured PowerPoint from the event.




Finally, to close out the event, five facilitators assembled to lead a debate on “Future of the CIO in a Dynamically Changing World,” inciting conversation on important qualities in a tech leader, emerging roles of CISOs and how that affects security responsibilities, and much more.

The debate team consisted of:



Thomas Cowan
Director of the Center for Technology Management
Columbia University


Debating Team

Greg Fittinghoff
Acting Vice President and Chief Information Officer
The Fashion Institute of Technology


Randy Paez
Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Information Officer
York Risk Services Group


Mary LeBlanc
President & Principal Consultant 
Bridger Val Associates LLC


Ken Cowan
Openview Partners



Huge shout-out to our great group of sponsors that helped to make this event such a smashing success! Be sure to continue the conversation from your respective one-on-one meetings to see how these solution providers can provide the high-quality, efficient, and unique services you seek for your organization.



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