Secure & Maximize Data Value for Precise Decision Making

January 23, 2019 | Chicago, IL

Discussion Group Topics:

Disruptive Technologies

What are the risks of the disruptive technologies and how your organization will respond to the data-related transformation?

  • What obstacles prevent you from transforming into data-driven business?
  • How will you master change and overcoming your organizational cultural barriers to becoming a data-driven business?
  • How will you use the data to innovate and compete against your rivals?
The Future Role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)

What influence does the CDO have in driving change and progress and faster than your competitors?

  • Why your organization needs a CDO?
  • What is the role of CDO in value creation and revenue generation?
  • What makes a successful CDO?
Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models

How to bridge between business leadership and technology adoption

  • How will your data impact your digital business models created?
  • How will your data optimize your business models?
  • How will you evaluate and adjust your business models?
Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

How machine learning will transform business intelligence and analytics

  • Assessing the maturity of your current approach to ML and analytics
  • Leveraging AI/ML and analytics for strategic outcomes in your organization
  • Lessons you have learned and mistakes to avoid
Business Engagement and Decision Making for Data and Analytics

Enabling business engagement and leading it for data and analytics

  • What decisions do you need help with to form a data and analytics group or engage with one?
  • How to empower the decision makers of your organization to understand data
  • How to align into your enterprise practices and business processes for the new and innovative execution landscape
Equity and Biases in Data

Addressing equity and bias in data analytics from basic reports to advanced machine learning

  • Learn about the different types of data biases
  • Understand how biases influence data-driven analytics
  • How do you make sure biases are not leading to incorrect analyses and outcomes
Data in the Cloud

How to balance accessibility and protection of your data and deliver business value

  • How to recover quickly from the most common issues that arise from operating in cloud environments
  • How to ensure your data flows freely and safely?
  • How to provide smart data to empower your employee to access the data and foster a culture of innovation
Data Integrity

Develop a refined data-led strategy

  • Establish solid quality management practices to protect and maintain your data during, collection, processing, and storage
  • Train staff members on data entry and upload protocols
  • Implement data cleaning and maintenance, and validation rules practices throughout the data life-cycle
The Impact of Data on Digital Transformation

How to leverage data to drive and accelerate your digital transformation efforts

  • What digital transformation means to your organization?
  • What are the traits for the transformational organization?
  • Build your data as the foundation of your digital business
Create a Data-Driven Culture

What are the cultural challenges to overcome to help you transform your business?

  • How will you make data accessible across your enterprise?
  • How will you change your business models?
  • How will you engage with your stakeholders and employees to make decisive decisions
Take Command of your Data with Metadata Management

Build the technology capabilities to capture your customer’s need

  • Creating the “new normal” operating model customer and context-centered
  • Offering a seamless Omni-Channel experience, through a smart balance of human and machines
  • Transforming customer interaction through artificial intelligence (AI)
AI Cybersecurity

How will you use machine learning and AI for your cyber defense?

  • What is the impact and the extent of AI on your information security strategies?
  • How are you planning for the workforce change as a result of AI?
  • Learning from the threats and gaining an understanding of how to respond
Data Innovation

How Big Data and AI will drive business innovation

  • How are you responding to the threats of disruption and displacement?
  • How are your prioritizing your innovation initiatives?
  • Are you prepared for the future?
Data Governance

Create a governance framework to care for your data

  • Assess the current state of your data governance
  • Turn your data into an asset and not a liability
  • Make your data an integral part of your organization
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How will GDPR effect your data security?

  • How GDPR impact your consumer data privacy?
  • How should you prepare for future unknown legislations around data privacy?
  •  What are the lessons learned from the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA)?

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