CIO Strategy Meeting, May 11-12, 2016, New York


Richard Pierle, EVP & CIO, Becton Dickinson, provided the following highlights from his recent “Adaptive IT” group discussion at the CIO Strategy Meeting:


  • When innovating, it is key to have some “insane guys” who can move things beyond traditional boundaries and push thinking in an effective manner
  • Focus around human-centered design vs. a technology-first approach
  • Change management and close partnership with the business is crucial to successful outcomes
  • Another watch out/opportunity mentioned was related to Security and making sure this is built into the front end of the process

“Many folks shared what they are doing, but did not go deep on specifics. We also discussed bi-modal IT and felt this was also important to the Adaptive IT conversation, as there is an urgent need to move much more quickly in line with the Business.”