Realize the power of business analytics— how the use of data will continue to bring change your organization

In a recent interview, Steve Rubinow explains how analytics has been at the heart of Catalina, in providing value for their customers. Here is what he shared:


How successful has Catalina in investing in Business Analytics and Intelligence?

Analytics and the underlying data are the heart of our business since the company began 30+ years ago. It’s through the innovative use of these assets that we provide value to our customers.

What are you key priorities in the next 12-18 months?

We are working to update our big data environment to easily/quickly accommodate/integrate new sources/types of data and build new analytic applications that bring even greater value to our customers.

How will you maintain your investment in business analytics?

We are constantly assessing what new technologies/approaches are available to us in the marketplace and how that might enhance the value of our existing portfolio.

In your view, what will be the critical factors to creating a data-driven enterprise?

Understanding what you are trying to accomplish and design with that goal in mind; anticipate the future and try to ensure that future needs are incorporated into the design; have a proper data governance program fit to purpose – not too lax and not too overbearing.

How would you define your success?

Our customers continue to find great value with what we do in improving their businesses and reward us to by continuing to invest in us in lieu of the alternatives available to them.

Why have you decided to join us at the CIO Strategy meeting, and what would you like to share at the meeting?

It’s always good to get the perspectives of others – both those in similar and dissimilar industries – the learning can be very useful.