Huge thank you to everyone who joined us at the inaugural CBD Strategy Meeting last week!  

We were more than happy to welcome such an engaging group of influential industry leaders and dedicated sponsors to the kick-off construction, building, and design event in the heart of San Francisco.

The is one-day event fostered a plethora of collaboration and thought-provoking ideas throughout the group discussion sessions. Here are a few conversation highlights noted by some of our facilitators that made an impact in sessions:


Protective Design


Peter DiMaggio
Senior Principal and Weidlinger Protective Design Practice Leader
Thornton Tomasetti

First and foremost, we have to continue to innovate every day. If we don’t continue to change what we’re doing and improve every day, especially in this field, we’re going to fall behind.


Two, it’s absolutely critical to create the kind of lasting partnerships that we talk about all the time, they become even more critical.


The third piece is making sure that we as a community give the proper outreach. Protective design and security engineering doesn’t need to create bunkers. We’re not trying to create systems, buildings, or structures that don’t work. We want to integrate with all of the other design disciplines to find solutions that make sense for everybody.


Drones in Construction


Brian Konie
Chief Information Officer
O’Neil Industries, Inc.

How can you automate the usage of this tool in a way that it makes the construction project, not just the person but the project, much more efficient?


Knowing where the material is on your site, in theory you could automate that, and say every day at 4PM and every morning at 6AM we’re going to fly this thing around the site to understand what’s where, and then notify the people that there’s material in the way that needs to be moved.


Public-Private Partnerships (P3)


Daniel Feitelberg
Vice Chancellor, Planning and Budget
University of California, Merced Campus

Key takeaways from this session were a shared understanding of why this would valuable for the public owner, but also the recognition of the concerns about risk that the subcontractors have.


When they are participating in a consortium environment versus some of the traditional ways that governments have procured buildings, sharing those lessons learned through larger complex projects will ultimately enhance everybody’s understanding and means for these projects to evolve.


Lead Sponsor Oracle’s Garrett Harley, Director of Engineering & Construction Strategy, gave the keynote lunch presentation, sharing insight on the past, present, and future industry forecasts for construction and engineering, integrated assets and worksites, and more. Stay tuned for detailed highlights on Garret’s presentation here on our blog!


Oracle’s Garrett Harley giving a keynote lunch presentation


Finally, to close out the event, four facilitators assembled to lead a panel on “Becoming a Construction Visionary,” inciting debate on the mindset of a visionary, addressing innovation failure head-on, and identifying strategies that inspire other team members on innovation as well.

The panel consisted of (pictured left to right):

4 conference attendees smiling Moderator

Kevin Gent
DLR Group



Tom Emison
Vice President Strategy and Innovation
Kraus-Anderson Construction Company


John Griffiths
Mazzetti + GBA


Dr. Peter Pirnejad
Development Services Director
City of Palo Alto






Stay tuned for a full briefing on the discussion from our moderator, Kevin Gent, and head over to our Twitter to see some stand-out quotes from our panelists!

Huge shout-out to our great group of sponsors that helped to make this event such a smashing success! Be sure to continue the conversation from your respective one-on-one meetings to see how these solution providers can provide the high-quality, efficient, and unique services you seek for your organization.


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