As a CIO how are you preparing for your future organizational technology?

We picked five areas that we considered are critical for the CIOs in their future planning and up for discussion at the CIO Strategy Meeting, Charlotte, NC, June 12, 2018.


How will Machine Learning Transform Business Intelligence and Analytics

Providing your customers with personalized product and services to meet their lifestyle needs is an all-time high. How will you create a seamless and enjoyable experience through mobile apps, connected devices, wearables, social media, chatbots to create a superior customer experience and revenue growth?


Digital Transformation

As CIO how will you redefine your role within your organization to drive business value and go beyond in dealing with emergencies and keeping the lights on? How will you enable your employees to give your customers what they want?


Cloud Migration Strategy

According to the International Data Corporation, worldwide spending on public cloud services will more than double, reaching $195 billion by 2020. Moving to the cloud is inevitable, and forward-thinking CIOs will spearhead their organization’s public cloud adoption and moving away from the corporate data centers that once defined their role.


Blockchain in Your Business

Beyond the hype, blockchain is the future technology that will change your organization. Understanding “where, why and how” blockchain technology can and should be used across various industries will be discussed to help you in embracing the challenges you are facing as CIO in reviewing and implementing blockchain in your organization.



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