We had a busy day at the CIO Strategy Meeting 2018 in Charlotte, NC.

The morning began with an opening keynote from Zscaler’s’ Director, Value Business Consulting, Jason Georgi. Jason’s keynote highlighted why organizations need to rethink their information security strategies in the era of digital transformation and the changes to the way we work and do business.

(Pictured Left)

Jason Georgie, Director Business Value Consulting, Zscaler

The CIOs then participated in a serious of group discussions and One-on-One industry meetings. Discussions included topics from Information and Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Adaptive IT, CIO leadership and Influence, Blockchain in Your Business, Strategic IT Modernization, Women in Technology Leadership and more.

Craig Richardville, Former CIO, Carolinas HealthCare Systems facilitates CIO Leadership and Influence Group Discussion

Jason Georgi, Director, Business Value Consulting, Zscaler, leads Cybersecurity Group Discussion

Dr. Kenneth. E. Russell, CIO& VP for Digital Transformation, Pfeiffer University facilitates Digital Transformation Group Discussion

One-on-One Meetings with Solutions Providers

One-on-One Meetings with Solutions Providers

If you attended the CIO Strategy Meeting, Charlotte, let us know what was the highlight for you from attending and share your insights with our CIO community.

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