Boston CIO 2018 Highlights and Thank You to the CIO Community

The CIO strategy meeting Boston kicked off this morning with a keynote by Michael Sutton, CISO, Zscaler, titled Rethinking Cybersecurity in the Digital Transformation Era.

Michael Sutton highlighted that change is inevitable and that mobility, cloud, IoT, encryption, and Network Sprawl are the drivers that are changing the way we work, and why CIOs need to rethink the way they approach cybersecurity.

He concluded that “We must seek security solutions that ensure consistent policy, protection, and visibility, regardless of device or location. Cloud provides the opportunity to level the playing field.”

A keynote luncheon delivered by Brett Wilson, COO, enSilo focusing on security incident response and why are we afraid to ask and for a good reason. Brett’s keynote addressed the following:

Compromise is inevitable

Organizations came to realize that compromise is inevitable and have started to look for ways to respond quickly in order to prevent the next data breach or disruption.


Budgets and expertise are still the bottlenecks

IR teams continue to slowly mature.Budgets and expertise are still the bottlenecks resulting understaffed IR teams.


The global median dwell time

The global median dwell time has dropped significantly in the last 3 years, but101 days are still not effective in stopping the attack consequences.


Incident response effectiveness

The evolving incident response process effectiveness metric is fairly easy to measure, thoughmore than 40% of the organizations that have IR don’t even assess their IR process.


The need for automated tools and processes

Organizations are realizing that preventing consequences of compromise in real-time through additional investment in automated tools and processesis the only way to deal with the current threat landscape. IR and threat hunting are necessary to prevent the next attack.

The CIOs then participated in group discussions on topics including CIO leadership and influence, digital transformation, business analytics, protecting employees in a hyperconnected world, blockchain and cloud: the shift in IT infrastructure, adaptive IT, women in technology, robotics/AI and more.

Bradley Horst, Chief Information Officer, Principal, EYP Architecture & Engineering, leading CIO Leadership and Influence group discussion.

Scott Jennings, Director, Retail & Consumer Product Solutions-Americas, Qlik, facilitating Business Analytics session.

Marcello Damiani, Chief Digital Officer, Moderna Therapeutics, leading group discussion on Digital Transformation

Nirva Fereshetian, Chief Information Officer, CBT Architects, leading a group discussion on Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with Business Culture

Nathan McBride, Vice President, Global Information Technology, Orchard Therapeutics facilitating Adaptive IT group discussion

Rafi Khan, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Edible Arrangements leading Benchmarking your IT Organization

Blockchain group discussion lead by Anders Brownworth, Chief Evangelist, Circle Internet Financial

The CIOs also engaged in a series of One-On-One meeting with the IT industry providers, such as Zscaler, Qlick, Commvault, COGECO, enSilo, BlackBerry, Janeiro Digital, PURESTORAGE, and ONSHORE OUTSOURCING.


If you attended the CIO Strategy Meeting in Boston, please feel free to leave your comments and insights about the meeting.

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