Tuesday, September 18, 2018, NCS’s Madison CIO Strategy Meeting Series launched in Minneapolis, MN; and attended by CIOs, CTOs, and Senior Technology executives and supported by the IT Industry.

The CIOs participated in group discussions on topics included CIO leadership and influence, CIO driving growth, digital transformation, business analytics, blockchain in your business, cloud migration strategy, adaptive IT, Information and cybersecurity and more.

The CIOs also engaged in a series of One-On-One meeting with the IT industry providers, such as Qlik, Commvault, Insight, BlackBerry, Purestorage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Darktrace, CyrusOne, and Hitachi Consulting.

Joseph Poupard, Regional Director at Darktrace, delivered the keynote aptly titled AI for Cyber Defense and the Shift to Self-Defending Networks. Joseph explained how cyber AI technology is critical to detecting and neutralizing threats, and subsequently why the Enterprise Immune System is crucial for cyber defense across the digital enterprise. He highlighted two types of attacks: 1) AI-based threats, capable of observing network behavior in order to blend into the background noise of an organization 2) Trust attacks that stealthily seek to undermine data integrity of an organization, causing often irreparable reputational damage. Ultimately, Joseph set a compelling scene for the future of cyber defense, where algorithms will fight algorithms on the battlefield of corporate networks.

Joseph Poupard, Regional Director, Darktrace

He concluded:

  • Cyber AI is proven method to detecting never-before-seen threats
  • Autonomous response technology can fight back in real time
  • Darktrace AI is capable of providing 100% coverage across the digital enterprise, including cloud and beyond
  • Proven to identify all threat types, including IoT, insider threat, and nation state attacks

Snap Shots from Minneapolis CIO 2018 

Ed Clark, Vice President for Technology and Chief Technology Officer, University of St. Thomas, leading Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning group discussion

Carey Smith, Chief Technology Officer,Constellation Mutual, Facilitating CIO Leadership and Influence Group Discussion (Carey Smith also moderated CIO Driving Growth Group Discussion).

Gautam Ray, Professor, Information & Decision Sciences, Carlson School of Management, leading Cloud Migration Strategy Group Discussion

Kristine Boike, Director of Information Security Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Merrill Corporation facilitating IT Transformation: From Supporting the Business to Becoming the Business Group Discussion

Mike Guckeen, Enterprise Account Executive, Commvault leading Strategic IT Modernization Group Discussion

Michael Johnson, Director of Graduate Studies in Security Technologies, Technological Leadership Institute, facilitating Information Security Strategies Group Discussion

Kent Kogler, Senior Director of Information Technology, Nexus: Youth and Family Solutions, leading the Digital Transformation Group Discussion

Christopher Rence, Chief Data Compliance and Operating Officer, Equus Holdings Inc., leading Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with the Business Group Discussion

CIOs and Solution Providers Engaging in One-On-One Meetings

If you attended the CIO Strategy Meeting in Minneapolis, please feel free to leave your comments and insights about the meeting.

Thank you for our all our facilitators, sponsors and the attendees who made this event possible. Look forward to seeing you next year!