Continuing to expand our efforts, we have now touched base in the nation’s capital.

On October 23, 2018, NCS Madison will be launching the District of Columbia CIO Strategy Meeting 2018, at Park Hyatt Hotel in Northwest. Let the dialogue begin!

We select areas that are impactful for the future of CIOs to generate vital conversations that will contribute to the growth of the technology industry, led by our phenomenal facilitators.


Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning

BI analytics, data-driven decision making is becoming more prevalent in today’s technological world. Understand how to utilize technology to investigate your business, discover insight and increase business efficiency.


CIO Leadership and Influence

As the executive information officer, your role extends beyond the traditional responsibilities and capabilities of retaining and gaining organizational information. A CIO’s position is to ensure digital transformation within the organization. How does the CIO use the organization’s overall strategic goals to help sponsor and drive customer-centric change?


Developing an IT innovation culture aligned with the Business culture

Creating and maintaining an innovative, business-focused culture in your organization will not only impact your organization’s business culture but the growth of your business.


Benchmarking Your IT Organization

Reaching optimal enterprise in your organization is possible if you implement effective benchmarking strategies. How well are you benchmarking your organizational business strategies to align with your IT expertise?


IT Transformation: From Supporting the Business to Becoming the Business

Reinvention is apparent in every role in one’s life. Become educated on how to move beyond operational excellence and how to sharpen the organizations broader strategy.


Strategic IT Modernization

Time is of the essence, in today’s immediate world. Designing a strategic IT strategy to produce faster delivery is imperative. What can your organization do to enhance the customer experience?


Information Security Strategies

Information security strategies encompass a risked-based approach to security while still prioritizing investments. Learn how to develop a roadmap to take the necessary risk get to your desired goal.

View Washington DC CIO Strategy Meeting website for more updates about this year’s program, facilitators and how to register.


Still not registered?

We still have a few seats remaining. Join a powerful group of CIOs and Technology Leaders in a unique format to discuss and debate the most important challenges facing you today. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in participating with this prestigious group.

Hope to see you at the event

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