A Huge thank you to everyone who joined us at the CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at the Dallas Renaissance Hotel. We appreciate our facilitators, sponsors and the engaging group of the technology industry leaders who made the event a great success.

Here are a few conversation highlights from the sessions:


Why the CIO & CISO Need to Work Together

Digitization is increasing the threats of the landscape and creating the need for the CIO and CISO to work together more than ever before to operate in the modern industry and to securely transform their organization into the digital age.


How will you Use AI for your Cyber Defense

Providing your customers with personalized product and services to meet their lifestyle needs is an all-time high. How will you create a secure, seamless and enjoyable experience through mobile apps, connected devices, wearables, social media, chatbots to create a superior customer experience and revenue growth?


Digital Transformation

As CIO how will you redefine your role within your organization to drive business value and go beyond in dealing with emergencies and keeping the lights on? How will you enable your employees to give your customers what they want?


IT Transformation: When IT Shifts from Supporting the Business to Becoming the Business

Moving beyond operational excellence

· In order to “move beyond” you must first achieve the operational excellence

· Establish a trust relationship between you and your internal customers

· Listen to their frustrations

· Become a trusted advisor


Learning to shape the organizations’ broader strategy

· Know your industry

· Know what other companies in your industry are doing


Transforming IT to the next level: Business model innovation

· Some companies have a formalized process for fostering new ideas and innovation

· Sometimes change has to be forced through refresh of old equipment or for other reasons

· How to facilitate the buy-in of Marketing for specific projects


Adaptive IT

How does IT become more adaptive? What are the enablers and barriers to becoming an adaptive IT organization, and how to create change to support a more adaptive IT organization? The discussion focused on people, processes, technology, position, and point of view. Almost 100% of the solutions were not technology or process based but based upon investments in the right people interactions through recruiting, training & re-tooling. There are also items that suggest that the environment must be open to engaging more strategically faced IT organization.

 Snapshots of the Group Discussions

Bryan Tutor, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Elbit Systems of America Leading CIO Leadership and Influence Group Discussion

Build an Enterprise- Wide IT Security Group Discussion facilitated by Eric Fisch,Vice President, Information Security Officer, Texas Capital Bank

Stephenie Stone, Chief Information Officer, Americas M+W Group, Leading IT Transformation: When IT Shifts from Supporting the Business to Becoming the Business Group Discussion

The Modern CIO & CISO Roles Group Discussion facilitated by Robert Biggers, Chief Information Security Officer, Elbit Systems of America

Wayne Sadin, Chief Digital Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Affinitas Life, facilitated Cloud Migration Strategy and Securing your Cloud Environment Group Discussions

Darktrace continues to join us and share the latest on cyber AI technology and why it is critical to detecting and neutralizing threats, and subsequently why the Enterprise Immune System is crucial for cyber defense across the digital enterprise. Austin Eppstein, Regional Director, Darktrace in his keynote highlighted two types of attacks: 1) AI-based threats, capable of observing network behavior in order to blend into the background noise of an organization 2) Trust attacks that stealthily seek to undermine data integrity of an organization, causing often irreparable reputational damage. Ultimately, Austin set a compelling scene for the future of cyber defense, where algorithms will fight algorithms on the battlefield of corporate networks.

Keynote : AI for Cyber Defense: The Shift to Self-Learning, Self-Defending Networks Presented by Austin Eppstein, Regional Director, Darktrace

Snapshots of the One-on-One Meetings with Solution Providers

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