On February 26, the CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting will be in Seattle!


The roles of the CIO & CISO is becoming increasingly collaborative as information security and digital transformation reach new heights in technology.

New trends, specifically in AI intelligence and cyber security, has already impacted such changes, bringing CIO’s and CISO’s together to execute new strategies that minimize challenges and threats that may disrupt an organization.

So where can we expect to see changes in the roles?

The I-CIO writes on “The Changing Relationship Between the CIO & CISO” and gives insight to this transition, “now, both execs tend to be pulling together towards the same goals of accessibility, security and organizational resilience.” The CIO & CISO will further construct ways to integrate new technologies into their everyday tasks, and begin to expand their responsibilities to keep up with trends that could impact their organization.

What comes next then? With technology developing at such a fast pace, how can we make sure the changes in our digital life continue to bring success to organizations, generate quality customer experiences, and fight daily challenges such as fraud and hacking?

It’s important to recognize the changes and shared responsibilities in modern roles by looking beyond traditional IT, and by continuing to enhance the costumer experience within this hyper-connected society.

Overall, now more than ever is the time for them to integrate their roles for even greater successes and discuss how their organization can mitigate the risks of digital transformation from advancing technology.

Interested in joining the conversation? Registration is still open! Visit the CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting website to register, or contact Jason Walter Jwalter@ncsmadison.com for details.

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