How are you preparing your organization’s digital roadmap?


Transitioning into a digital business means developing a strategy that integrates the digital into all areas of your business, and resulting in fundamental changes to how your organization operates and securely delivers value to your customers.

The CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting, April 30, 2019, New York brings the CIOs and CISOs together to see the value in each position, and how they play a critical role in leading the digital transformation in their organization.

Our panel of facilitators will lead the attending CIO’s, CTO’s, and CISO’s in a series of group discussions to discuss the shift in the way business needs are met to operate in the modern industry and to securely transform their organization into the digital age.

We picked five areas up for discussion at the CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting, New York 2019.


CIO Leadership and Influence

As the CIO’s role changes, they must adapt to meet today’s demands of the digital environment to facilitate their business and develop new skill sets that drive business growth.


Digital Transformation

How digital transformation changes the way your company creates value for your customers, business partners and competes, and what are the opportunities and challenges and what do you need to become a digital business.


Building an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy

As your business transitions into the digital age, what are the security best practices and frameworks you need to use to implement your strategy?


The Modern CISO and CIO Roles

How the increased focus on cybersecurity has affected the pivotal relationship between the CIO & CISO, and build a unified front to support your organization’s information security challenges from top to bottom.


IT Transformation: When IT Shifts from Support the Business to Becoming the Business

The shift of IT from supporting your business to becoming your business has created a need for change and to re-invent business strategies and move beyond traditional approaches and learn to shape your organization’s broader strategy.


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