Tuesday, April 23, NCS’s Madison CIO & CISO Strategy second annual meeting held in Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor, attended by the CIOs and CISOs, and the IT Industry, and participated in a series of group discussions, One-On-One meetings, networking, and keynotes.

Arthur Braunstein, Vice President, US Sales, Morphisec in his opening keynote, Rethinking Cybersecurity: Prevention First highlighted  that security architecture can be broken down into three main elements:

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Remediation

Arthur Braunstein, Vice President, US Sales, Morphisec

Prevention is the most strategically important defense element to your organization, dramatically reducing risks and operational costs. However, Prevention was neglected through the years while hackers became much more sophisticated, making AntiVirus irrelevant against modern attacks.

He concluded prevention powered by innovative technology based on the Moving Target Defense (MTD) provide:

  • Real-time prevention, dramatically reducing risk exposure.
  • Widest prevention coverage in the market including Zero days attacks, and virtual patching enabling business continuity.
  • Operational savings are driven by simplicity built to the design.
  • Dramatically lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), shifting costs to the attacker.

      See More: Download Keynote:https://ncsmadison.com/resources/download-boston-19-keynote/

Darktrace continues to join us and share the latest on cyber AI technology and why it is critical to detecting and neutralizing threats, and subsequently why the Enterprise Immune System is crucial for cyber defense across the digital enterprise. Kathryn Moore, Regional Director, Darktrace in her keynote highlighted two types of attacks: 1) AI-based threats, capable of observing network behavior in order to blend into the background noise of an organization 2) Trust attacks that stealthily seek to undermine data integrity of an organization, causing often irreparable reputational damage. Ultimately, Kathryn set a compelling scene for the future of cyber defense, where algorithms will fight algorithms on the battlefield of corporate networks.

Kathryn Moore, Regional Director, Darktrace

She concluded:

  • Cyber AI is a proven method for detecting never-before-seen threats 
  • Autonomous response technology can fight back in real time 
  • Darktrace AI is capable of providing 100% coverage across the digital enterprise, including cloud and beyond 
  • Proven to identify all threat types, including IoT, insider threat, and nation-state attacks

The CIOs & CISOs participated in group discussions on topics included CIO leadership and influence, CIO driving growth, digital transformation, The Modern CIO & CISO Roles, Cyber Security Leadership, Business Engagement Strategy, Adaptive IT, IT Transformation, and more. 

Bob Litterer, Vice President, and Chief Information Security Officer, Biogen facilitated Cybersecurity Leadership and the Modern CIO& CISO Roles Group Discussions.

Robert W. Guay, Head of Cyber Security, Bioverativ, led Build an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy and CIO & CISO Metric of the Board Group Discussions.

Brad Horst, Former Chief Information Officer, EYP Architecture and Engineering, Inc., facilitated Digital Transformation Group Discussion.

Donald Borsay, Unit Security Officer, John Hancock, facilitated The Shift in Corporate Cybersecurity Strategies Group Discussion.

Alina Aronova, Vice President of Technology Operations, Chief of Staff for Global Product Technology, Cengage Learning, facilitated Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with the Business Culture https://ncsmadison.com/2019/04/03/developing-it-innovation-culture/ and CIO Driving Growth Group Discussions.

The attendees also engaged in a series of One-On-One meeting with the IT industry providers, including CyrusOne, Darktrace, Janeiro Digital, Purestorage, Progress, Okta, Morphisec, Veracode, Microfoucs, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Thank you to our sponsors https://ncsmadison.com/2019/03/19/sponsors-boston19/, facilitators https://ncsmadison.com/cio-ciso-boston/facilitators/ and the attendees for joining us and look forward to 2020. 

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