Tuesday, May 21, 2019, NCS’s Madison launched the CIO Strategy held in Phoenix Airport Marriott Hotel, attended by the CIOs and the IT Industry, and participated in a series of group discussions, One-On-One meetings, networking, and keynotes.

Robert Scuderi, Head of Technical Solutions-West, Blackberry, in his opening keynote addressed the challenges and the opportunities the maturation of digital transformation is creating in Hyper-Connected world, and why organizations need to rethink how they do security.

A luncheon keynote presented by Aaron Hopkins, Sales Manager, Capriza, informed the attendees on how to digitize and transform organizational processes, simplify and accelerate approvals, and why it matters. (Below)

Aaron highlighted that the larger an organization, the more complex its control environment, and the more painful and time-consuming approvals become. Delayed decisions at control points have a significant negative impact on the speed and outcome of core processes, but with ApproveSimple, organizations can consolidate all approvals into a single interface and typically reduce approval cycle times by 70%. The speed and quality of decision-making enabled by ApproveSimple remove the bottlenecks at those control points and accelerates the pace of business.  See More: https://ncsmadison.com/resources/download-phoenix-19-keynote/

The CIOs participated in group discussions on topics included CIO leadership and influence, CIO driving growth, digital transformation, Cyber Security Leadership, Business Engagement Strategy, Adaptive IT, IT Transformation, and more. 

Here are highlights from a few of the group discussions:

Business Engagement Strategy Discussion led by J.R. Sloan, Chief Technology Officer, Deputy Chief Information OfficerState of Arizona. See highlights of the discussion here https://www.slideshare.net/secret/D09JOS5ZWR7vah

Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with the Business Culture Group Discussion

Alan Merrill, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Information Officer, Bio Huma Netics, Inc facilitated the discussion and shared the following highlights:https://www.slideshare.net/secret/D09JOS5ZWR7vah.

The Shift in Corporate Cybersecurity Strategy

Hunter Storm, CEO, H.A.S. IT Consulting facilitated the discussion and provided the following takeaways from the discussion: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/D09JOS5ZWR7vah

Dr. Rebecca Wynn, Head of Information Security and Data Protection Officer, Matrix Medical Network, Facilitated Cybersecurity Leadership Group Discussion.

Travis Cutright, Chief Information Officer, City of Mesa led CIO Leadership and Influence Group Discussion

Joe Griffith, Vice President, and Chief Information OfficerAtegrity Specialty Insurance Company, Facilitated IT Transformation Group Discussion.

Rajat Mohan Sen, Director of Information Security, Republic Services, led Build an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy Group Discussion.

Cary F. GielniakChief Information Officer, City of Maricopa, Facilitated Adaptive IT Group Discussion. 

The attendees also engaged in a series of One-On-One meeting with the IT industry providers, including #Purestorage, #Commvault,# Progress, #druva, #Microstrategy, #Blackberry, #Capriza, #outsystems, #silverpeak. 

Thank you to all our sponsors https://ncsmadison.com/2019/04/29/intro-sponsors-phoenix/ and our facilitators https://ncsmadison.com/cio-strategy-regional/phoenix/facilitators/, and the attendees for joining us and look forward to 2020. 

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NCS Madison Team.