How will you stay relevant to lead your organization’s digital transformation and rethink your cybersecurity strategy?


Digital transformation is no longer a concept but is a reality, and CIOs and CISOs need to develop a new set of leadership capabilities that will help them succeed in this environment.


We are excited to announce our panel of facilitators at the CIO and CISO Strategy Meeting, August 6, 2019, Chicago, to lead a series of group discussions; to address the shift in the way business needs are met, how to stay relevant to lead your organization’s digital transformation, and rethink your cybersecurity strategy.


Digital Leadership

How to build your organizational capacity with an ecosystem that supports digital transformation.


CIO Driving Growth

What roles must the CIO take on to successfully drive and achieve business growth?


Business Engagement Strategy

How the CIO can create teams to interact directly with the stakeholders and develop a strategy to upgrade the workforce to adapt and collaborate with the rest of the business and offer expertise on the digital abilities and ambitions of their business partners.


The Modern CIO & CISO Roles

Cyber security threats and breaches has greatly transformed the relationship between the modern CIO & CISO as threatening events continue to impact businesses. Now more than ever the modern CIO & CISO must work together to mitigate the risks of a cyber-attack on your organization, and work from top to bottom to support the IT challenges.


The Shift in Corporate Cybersecurity Strategies

Why determining the risks versus rewards of cyber risk is essential for the CIO when developing a program and associated business plan that identifies cyber risk and builds cyber resilience.


Build an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy

Determine where your security plan lies, where you want your organization to be, and how you can leverage security practices to strengthen security posture within the organization.

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