Thank you for all who attended and supported the launch of Toronto CIO Strategy Meeting, July 16, 2019, at the Marriott Down Town at CFT Eaton Center, Ontario.

The day began with an opening keynote Rethinking Cybersecurity for the Digital Transformation Era, by Bil Harmer, Americas, Chief Information Security Officer, Zscaler.

Bil highlighted the impact of how, when, and where we work on cybersecurity, and why organizations need to rethink their cybersecurity strategies.

He said, “the new reality there is only one network in the world, and you cannot control it. Services are consumed on it at will, and you cannot secure it”. Security requires an architecture transformation, and the need to focus on high impact risk. Trying to protect everything protects nothing, and do not confuse security with compliance. Question everyone and everything, and accept nothing at face value.
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The CIOs participated in group discussions on topics included CIO leadership and influence, CIO driving growth, digital transformation, Cyber Security Leadership, Business Engagement Strategy, Adaptive IT, IT Transformation, and more. 

Snapshots of the Group Discussions

CIO Leadership and Influence and CIO Driving Growth Group Discussions Facilitated by
 Eric Whaley, Chief Information Officer, Wolseley Canada Inc.

Cybersecurity Leadership Group Discussion Facilitated by
Claude Sam-Foh, Former Chief Enterprise Architect and Chief Cyber Security Officer, Financial Services Commission of Ontario

 Digital Leadership Group Discussion Led by 
 David Stevens, Vice President, and Chief Information Officer, Munich Re New Ventures North America

Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with the Business Culture Group Discussion Led by 
Gaston Siri, Chief Technology Officer, Flexiti Financial

IT Transformation: From Supporting the Business to Becoming the Business Group Discussion Facilitated by
Leyla Samiee
, Senior Director, Technology Platform Core Services, Thomson Reuters

The Shift in Corporate Cybersecurity Strategies Group Discussion Led by 
Adina SaposnikVice President, Technology Planning and Chief Information Security Officer, eHealth Ontario

Adaptive IT: Staying Responsive to your Organization’s Business Needs Group Discussion Facilitated by 
Thomas Wardman,
Vice President, Information Technology, The Royal Conservatory

Business Engagement Strategy Group Discussion Led by 
Uma Jayaram, Director and Senior Technology Officer, BMO Financial

Build an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy Group Discussion Facilitated by 
Samer Adi,Vice President, Infrastructure and Chief Information Security Officer, Interac Corp.

The attendees also engaged in a series of One-On-One meetings with the IT industry providers, including,  Purestorage, Progress, Blackberry, Zscaler, and MarkLogic. 

Thank you to all our FacilitatorsOur Sponsors and the attendees who joined to launch the Toronto CIO 2019, and look forward to 2020.

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