What is the discussion about (overview of group discussion)?

The overall discussion focused on how to make progress on modernization and security initiatives with limited budgets and resources.


What are the critical areas discussed and why it was imperative to the group?

  • Options for mitigating resource constraints due to the labor market being very competitive and difficult to find/retain good talent.
  • How to sell migration to the cloud to Senior Executives who may not understand the “bigger picture” and its cost versus keeping legacy systems.
  • How do I ensure the investment made now (e.g. cloud migration) will be the right investment five years from now so that the organization will not have to implement another initiative to modernize.


Do you have any recommendations to share?

Migration to the cloud – Proceed with caution when considering a multi-cloud provider as clouds providers do not have good tools to easily interface with other providers at this time.


Please add comments or reflections here.

It was a great experience facilitating as all participants were well engaged and offered good insight into the topics. The discussions resulted in thought-provoking and challenging ideas that the participants can bring back to their respective organizations for possible execution.  Great dialogue!