NCS Madison is an Independent Business Information, Business Development and Peer-to-Peer Networking Services Company

Our Products and Services

Strategy Meetings

Effectively bringing together senior level decision makers and solution providers in an environment conducive to strategic thinking, ideas development, relationship building and business development.

Attendance is limited to a carefully selected delegation, based on each executive’s industry influence and present business priorities.

The professionally structured knowledge sharing and networking format provides an unrivaled information and decision-making resource for senior executives.


Independent market research, experienced content development, carefully selected presenters, targeted promotion and professional event management.

Our focused conferences provide valuable information, new ideas and practical answers, relevant to business delegates invited according to industry sector, job function and project priority.

Custom Events

To deliver on our goal of being a full-service solution provider to our partners, we develop and run Custom Events ranging from tailored conferences and training forums, cocktail hours and client dinners.

We have flexibility and will cater to our clients’ specific needs and target audience to showcase their solutions and engage prospective clients.

Our Focus


Our services are tailored to senior executives from the Finance, IT, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing operations of mid-sized and large organizations. We have been delivering value added services and peer-to-peer information sharing and networking events to senior level executives from the top 2,500 organizations in North America and Europe for over 15 years.

We focus on establishing relevant and valuable business contacts for each senior decision maker we work with and provide an effective environment within which to review, debate and effectively solve present and emerging operational and strategic challenges.

Information Technology


Financial Services

Construction & Engineering



Upcoming NCS Madison Events

CIO Strategy Meeting
January 30-31, 2017 | Los Angeles, CA

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/cio-la/

CIO Strategy Meeting
April 24-25, 2017 | New York, NY

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/cio-ny/

CIO Strategy Meeting
August 9-10, 2017 | Chicago, IL

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/cio-ch/

CIO Financial Services Strategy Meeting
September 13-14, 2017 | New York, NY

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/cio-financial-services/

Healthcare CIO Strategy Meeting
November 2-3, 2017 | Florida

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/cio-healthcare/

CBD Strategy Meeting 2017
March 28-29, 2017 | San Francisco, CA

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/cbd

CIO Government Strategy Meeting
June 7-8, 2017 | Washington, D.C.

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/cio-government/

Chief Data Officer Strategy Meeting
September 12, 2017 | New York, NY

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/chief-data-officer/

Big Data for Healthcare
November 2-3, 2017 | Florida

Visit: www.ncsmadison.com/cio-healthcare/

“This is one of the few venues which continue to develop and nurture my professional relationships without the high pressure sales atmosphere so prevalent in other meetings.”

-Feedback from previous NCS event

“The event was outstanding. One of the best that I’ve been to.”

-Feedback from previous NCS event

“It was the best single-day event I have attended. I truly appreciated the smaller, round table, colleague-led settings for the main discussions. Usually it is presentation style. The depth and breadth of the attendees was terrific. I attend competitive events where it’s easy to get lost in the mix of thousands of attendees and vendors.”

-Feedback from previous NCS event

“I really enjoy the format of these meetings, it is such a different approach; very engaging and I always take away great information and contacts.“

-Feedback from previous NCS event

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