Our Model


Who We Are

Resourceful. Nimble. Adaptable. 

NCS Madison provides professional learning programs that are uniquely structured. Our model and services focus on eliciting open discussions on industry-specific trends and issues to senior IT executives and leadership teams. Our mission is to provide an informational, polished, and engaging platform that empowers organizations to achieve their business goals. 

We have a commitment to quality. At NCS Madison, there is always a strong dedication to the environment that our services create, as well as the resulting experiences of everyone involved. 

Why We Are Unique

An Opportunity Hard to Replicate.

As opposed to a traditional conference setting with a speaker/audience format, our services feature a “discussion group” environment that supports lively participation. In turn, this leads to more collaborative and effective sharing of perspectives between people who are currently at multiple stages of implementation.

With extensive practice in market research and content development, our team also helps tailor topics of discussion to be timely and relevant. Our focused events ultimately provide valuable information, new ideas and practical answers for all of our attendees.

Senior executives who have attended events in the past have agreed that the chance to sit down with their peer group to discuss, debate, and share “real life” business challenges and experiences is invaluable. 


What We Offer

Strategy Meetings

Putting professional learning, idea sharing and relationship building at the forefront.

Strategy Meetings are discussion-based gatherings designed for C-Level executives, SVPs & VPs and senior leadership teams from the largest 2,000 companies in the U.S. Select events have specific industry focus in Healthcare, Construction Building and Design, Government, and Financial Services. Attendance is invite-only and coordinated based on each executive’s industry influence and present business priorities.

Prior to the meeting, participating delegates select several of 25 group discussions to attend throughout the day. Each group discussion has a facilitator, and attended by no more than 12-16 senior executives. Meetings also feature an opening keynote topic and a closing panel discussion or debate.

Custom Events

Custom Events

Catering to specific needs and target audiences.

Custom events range from tailored conferences and training forums, to cocktail hours and client dinners. Our objective with these events is to develop a customized topic for discussion in a collaborative setting that addresses a particular challenge to the industry executives that clients wish to attract.

We have much flexibility with these events, and will help showcase our clients’ solutions and engage prospective clients. 

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