At NCS Connect, we search out the prime IT and IT Security targets for your company so you don’t have to! In lieu of a traditional external field meeting or conference, we work to place solution providers with their targeted prospects in a tele-conference meeting space or phone call. Let us seek out the people who could potentially have the biggest positive impact on your business. 

Who We Are

We are a division of NCS Madison, a leader in CIO & CISO Strategy Meetings across the country. With our field events, our unique platform brings together CIOs and CISOs in educational, solution thinking group discussions and we help our sponsors engage with CIOs & CISOs in one on one business development meetings.  Alternatively, NCS Connect focuses on one thing – appointment setting! We work as an extension of your sales team and connect solution partners with their prime IT and IT security targets from enterprises across North America with over the phone or tele-conference meetings.

With nearly 10 years of experience running CIO & CISO Strategy Meetings in cities across North America, we have cultivated relationships with over 75,000 IT and IT Security Leaders. This is what really sets us apart from companies who solely focus on appointment setting. We already have relationships that we can leverage with many of the companies and executives you are looking to engage with.

How it Works

We work with our solution partners to identify their target prospects by region, industry, company and title

Our team does extensive market research and reaches out to our IT/IT Security clients to identify areas where they have current and planned initiative

We help position your products and services with prospects by matching your solutions with our client’s needs


Each partner can submit a “wish list” of targets above and beyond our own relationships

We use our skillset and our strong relationships with our clients to set up phone or tele-conference meetings with your prospects

What We Offer

We offer packages ranging from 10 meetings up to 50 meetings and they go up in increments of 10. Our costs are associated with the number meetings we are guaranteeing your organization. Additionally, the cost per meeting decreases as the number of meetings you purchase increases.

This is a spectacular opportunity for your organization to connect with your target clients throughout North America and in light of the recent travel concerns this service is an ideal way for you to continue adding to your sales pipeline during this time.

Who is NCS Madison?

NCS Madison has been in business since 2010 and we host CIO and CISO Strategy Meetings throughout North America that are attended by CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, as well as VPs and Directors of IT and IT Security. Our platform is unique as we don’t run traditional conference presentations. Alternatively, we run a series of hour-long discussion groups, where CIOs & CISOs have an environment that allows them to have open discussion, debate and ultimately come up with group solutions as opposed to relying on 1-person’s perspective This is a huge draw for this audience and why we have been able to significantly grow our CIO/CISO client relationships year  on year. In addition to the discussion groups, we set up anywhere from 3 to 27 one on one meetings for our sponsors to help fill pipeline and ultimately help our clients bring in new business.

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more or would like to secure any of our appointment setting packages. We are happy to set up a call to discuss.

NCS Madison Corp.

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