March 29, 2017 | San Francisco, CA | Hilton San Francisco Financial District

Discussion Group Topics:

Disrupting the Construction Industry

How can the construction industry be disrupted?

• How to develop a measurable scheduling system to maintain productivity

• How to improve communications between all stakeholders

• How to efficiently monitor and maintain your staff safety

The Future of the Construction Industry

What are the present realities and future trends?

• What will the next 5-10 years provide for us, and how are we going to shape it?

• What role will technology play in the change?

• Will your firm survive, and if so what will it look like?

Integrated Design and Building Ecosystem

Creating an integrated ecosystem for the construction industry

• Adopt project delivery methodologies outside of the comfort zone of traditional design-bid-build

• Use of 3-D modeling to enhance project quality and improve project safety

• Embrace a collaborative economic, social and environmental assessment of a measurable and sustainable impacts

Innovation In Construction

Develop a holistic approach to innovation in construction

• Establish a culture of innovation in your organization

• Create a new source of value for your organization

• Implement successful change programs

Skilled Labor Shortage

Managing the skilled labor shortage in the construction industry

• Identify a formal, structured workforce management strategies to measure and manage your current recruitment practices

• Develop a recruiting and retention strategy to ensure the right employees are in the right place when needed

• Reduce turnover and demand and improve the supply of skilled construction workers

The Move to the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things in construction -The Jobsite of 2030

• How design, engineering and construction building life cycles will be integrated?

• What the job site of 2030 will look like?

• How will it impact the demand for skilled labor and improve worker safety?

Leadership and Safety to New Hire

How leading indicators can improve safety performance

• How to use of site-specific safety orientations in the new hire orientation?

• Proactive vs. passive safety culture

• Develop best-in-class system and processes for testing substance abuse

Business Partnership

Developing a successful business partnership

• What is the cornerstone of a successful partnership?

• Define the nature of the partnership

• Determine the operating and structural fundamentals of the enterprise

Owner Adoption of New Building Technologies

Understand different owner types, and how those types impact sustainability decisions

• Identify the motivations that can incentivize any owner to say no to cost-effective green building features

• Describe owner concerns related to long-term building holds

• Predict which project-specific issues are likely to derail a conversation with an owner on sustainability

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

How contractors can use virtual design as a project value and to increasingly differentiate themselves

• Develop an integrated and shared data system

• How will augmented reality (AR) drive adoption of BIM

• How will it improve collaboration and coordination among the different parties involved in a project

Business Intelligence and Big Data Management

Develop an integrated data across various sources in your enterprise

• Produce relevant and actionable business insights

• How field data sources “ drones, mobile and augmented reality” will impact on project and business management

• Make data from small to big more valuable

Building Smart Cities

What are the challenges and the opportunities?

• What are the solutions for building smart cities?

• How to develop a clear and integrated approach between all stakeholders to secure balanced development?

• How is technology impacting the need for smart cities?

Full Spectrum Sustainability Infrastructure

How to include the triple bottom line into the planning, design, construction, operation of new projects and facilitates

• Economic – delivering projects that efficiently utilize financial resources

• Environmental – working to enhance the affected area, not just neutral impacts

• Social – recognizing that all projects impact people and when we build our infrastructure back, we can build it better.

Modular Construction and Prefabrication

The drivers and capabilities of modular construction

• How to assess modularization as the best solution for your project

• How to engage the right people to achieve the optimal level for your project

• How modular project execution will differ from a traditional site-built approach

Protective Design

Saving lives through protective design

• Why protective design approaches have changed over the last several years?

• How to build and design a protected building?

• What are the mitigation best practices to protect structures and buildings?

Connected Buildings

The future of connected buildings

• What are the benefits of the connected buildings

• How will it impact a building’s efficiency?

• Eliminate system fragmentation and enhance real-time decisionmaking

Resilience is the New Sustainability

Why infrastructure resilience is the next big thing.

• How to understand the difference between resilience and sustainability.

• How to measure the resilience of your infrastructure.

• How resilience adds value to your projects and portfolios.

Cloud Systems and Security

How contractors benefits of working on the cloud

• Identify advances in cloud security and best practices for data safety

• Determine the best solutions and the capability for growth

• How to reduce onsite IT overhead and adapt to changing business needs

Cloud Infrastructure In Construction

Roadmap to respond rapidly to technology changes and efficient project management cycles

• Prioritize collaborative project management as a strategic objective

• Evaluate software defined infrastructure

• Adoption of managed public cloud-based platform

Drone Use In Construction

What are the opportunities and risks?

• What is the legal framework for operating drones in construction?

• How are the construction companies using the drones?

• What are the pitfalls and the risks associated with the use of drones?

Digital Fabrication

Digital reproduction—laser scanning and 3-D printing

• Will 3-D printing displace conventional methods of construction?

• What are the challenges?

• What are examples of projects and lessons learned?

Public-Private Partnerships

What are the developments and progress in P3

• What are the emerging trends in P3?

• Evaluate the risk allocation and performance for P3

• How forward thinking can be applied to continuing the growth of P3

Becoming a Construction Visionary

How prepared are you to working smarter and efficiently

• Embracing leading-new edge technologies as a blueprint for success

• Building construction workforce of the future

• Creating Zero tolerance to unsafe construction environment

Enterprise Mobility

The future of mobile apps for construction-The right tools for the job

• Choosing the right tool to maximize productivity

• How optimizing efficiency can create new challenges?

• How to manage multiple technology options?

Integrated Mobile Applications

Why invest in mobile technologies?

• How critical mobility for construction businesses

• How is it improving customer satisfaction and opening new business opportunities?

• How is it streamlining workflow practices?

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