Rewire, Reinvent, Simplify, Secure

December 8, 2020 | Florida | Virtual Event


*New for 2020

CIO Leadership: The Need for Resilience *

Redesign the organization and change management strategies that focus on outcomes

  • Maintain focus and remain steadfast on the company’s purpose 
  • Develop adaptive recruitment and retention talent management strategies
  • Use technology and people to quickly course-correct as conditions changes
The Future of Work: Post-COVID-19 *

Understand the ramification for your organization

  • How will you adapt your leadership style to fit remote team needs?
  • What is the impact on reengineering workforce planning?
  • How will you balance empathy and performance requirements?
Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with the Business Culture

Creating and maintaining an innovative, business-focused culture in your organization

  • Driving innovation throughout the organization
  • Identifying the steps to align your staff and business to work together
  • Successfully applying change management to transformational challenges
Securing your Cloud Environment

Enabling your business agility by managing risk

  • Evaluating transition risk
  • Securing your hybrid and public cloud-based platforms
  • Protecting your data in the cloud
Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning *

How machine learning will transform business intelligence and analytics?

  • Assessing the maturity of your current approach to ML and analytics
  • Leveraging AI/ML and analytics for strategic outcomes in your organization
  • How to deliver effective data and analytics strategy?
The Modern CISO and CIO Roles

Why the modern CISO & CIO need to work together more than ever before.

  • How the increased focus on cybersecurity has affected the pivotal relationship between the CIO & CISO
  • How the threatening events have moved security to the top of the CIO’s agenda
  • Build a unified front to support your organization’s information security challenges from top to bottom
IT Transformation: Rewiring CIO Behavior *

How will you reinvent your IT organization to become smarter about driving value?

  • Reinvent your IT organizational model to meet business demands in new digital and cognitive domains
  • Renew your strategic thinking to drive relevancy beyond traditional dimensions
  • Simplify your IT through open standards and external talent management
Adaptive IT vs. Alignment IT: Developing an IT Strategy to Meet Your Organization's Needs *

How do you manage the tension between adapting to technological change and maintaining your organization’s strengths?

  • Adapt: Create a culture of innovation that embraces risk-taking and learning from failures
  • Align: Identify your organization’s core strengths and sustain them
  • Lead: Structure your IT department to do both successfully
Data Analytics and Business Growth *

How does data analytics contribute to overall business growth?

  • Creating a data driven culture.
  • How to empower the decision-makers of your organization to understand data?
  • How to align into your enterprise practices and business processes for the new and innovative execution landscape?
Business Engagement Strategy

How the CIO can create teams to interact directly with the stakeholders

  • Develop a strategy to upgrade the workforce as part of the transformation
  • Enable the agile enterprise to rethink operations
  • Adapt and collaborate with the rest of the business and offer expertise on the digital abilities and ambitions of their business partners
CISO and CIO Metrics for the Board

Information security has increased visibility with the corporate board of directors.  

  • When the CEO says the board wants to discuss the security strategy, will you be ready? 
  • Do you have a risk-based approach to security and how do you prioritize investments? 
  • Are you effectively demonstrating the maturity of your security posture over time?
Cybersecurity Leadership

Why cybersecurity matters more than ever during the Coronavirus pandemic?

  • How has working remotely impacted the security of your organization?
  • How do you equip your employees with the best practices necessary to protect your organization’s assets while being productive?
  • Thinking beyond the immediate crisis, how can you use lessons learned to enhance your ongoing risk, compliance, and information security operations?
Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models

How to bridge between business leadership and technology adoption?

  • Disruptive technologies equal data explosion, are you ready?
  • How will your data impact your digital business?
  • How will you evaluate and adjust your business models?
Accelerate your Organization's Pace of Innovation *

How to free your IT organization from maintenance tasks in order to focus quality time on developing innovative and unique products and services.

  • Is there enough time in the day for Innovation and how do we prioritize?
  • How can your Cloud strategy help scale your business?
  • Identifying the benefits of innovation and the consequences if you don’t
Build an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy

How to strengthen the security posture of your organization?

  • Establish risk tolerance and appetite
  • Determine where you are at and where you want to be
  • Leverage security frameworks and best practices to implement your strategy
Cloud Migration Strategy

How to use cloud strategies to reduce premise resource dependencies

  • Moving to a virtual, cloud-connected workforce to mitigate external disruptions
  • How office closures, social distancing, and shelter-in-place orders have impacted cloud use and acceptance 
  • How to improve the customer experience while delivering innovation
Strategic IT Modernization *

Why the consumerization of IT is a critical driver for the CIO’s strategic mission?

  • Accelerate your organizational and technological innovation to respond to market or workplace need
  • Help architect your digital strategies to elevate stakeholder satisfaction and customer acquisition
  • Embrace the API economy while continuing to safeguard and secure IT systems
IT Cost Optimization *

Why protecting your innovation funding is critical to your organization’s long-term success?

  • Develop IT financial transparency to support cost-related decisions?
  • Engage business stakeholders and identify the opportunities to shift IT Investment during difficult times
  • Leverage the existing IT resources
Data Privacy *

How to securely manage your data while allowing for flexibility and growth

  • Fully understanding your data; how is it used and shared?
  • Create policies that can be applied across all environments
  • How to develop an infrastructure strategy that meet the privacy requirements of partners and customers
AI Cybersecurity

How will you use machine learning and AI for your cyber defense?

  • What are the impact and the extent of AI on your information security strategies?
  • Can AI replace humans?
  • Learning from the threats and gaining an understanding of how to respond
Behavioral and Human-Centric Cybersecurity *

Develop a cybersecurity awareness program in your organization

  • Evaluate the value of your information security awareness activities
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviors and promote target behaviors
  • Help your employee to move from knowledge to embedding behaviors that reduce information security risks

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