Rewire, Reinvent, Simplify, Secure

April 14, 2020 | New York, NY

This Meeting Will be Hosted Virtually

A Knowledge Exchange Program for Corporate IT & Security Leaders


Discussion based gathering of CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and SVPs/VPs from the largest companies in the U.S.


Select 4-5 discussion groups out of over 25 topic-specific options to fit your priorities and planned initiatives

Each group is led by a Fortune 1000 CIO or CISO and attended by no more than 16 executives

Select specific engagements with solution providers based on your current needs and planned initiatives



The CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting is a discussion based gathering of IT and Security leaders from the largest 2000 US companies. This event is invite only and attended strictly by CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and SVPs / VPs of IT and IT Security.


As opposed to a traditional conference setting with a speaker/ audience format, the “discussion group” environment demands group participation which leads to a sharing of ideas and experiences at multiple levels and stages of implementation.



Each CIO and CISO are engaged with 2-3 sponsors they want to meet with. Their selection is based solely on current and planned initiatives and interest in the product/service offerings of the attending sponsors.


*New for 2020

COVID-19: The Strategies of Working Remotely and When to Return Safely *

How to lead your remote workforce during this disruption and preparing them to return?

  • What is your organizational capacity to support your remote workforce?
  • What are the principles of remote work to implement in preparing leaders and employees for success in a virtual environment?
  • Determine when your staff can return to work and under what conditions?
Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with the Business Culture

Creating and maintaining an innovative, business-focused culture in your organization

  • Driving innovation throughout the organization
  • Identifying the steps to align your staff and business to work together
  • Successfully applying change management to transformational challenges
IT Transformation: Rewiring CIO Behavior *

How will you reinvent your IT organization to become smarter about driving value?

  • Reinvent your IT organizational model to meet business demands in new digital and cognitive domains
  • Renew your strategic thinking to drive relevancy beyond traditional dimensions
  • Simplify your IT through open standards and external talent management
Alignment IT: Maintaining Organizational Stability while Shifting to a New Direction *

What are the organizational capabilities the CIO need to develop to meet the new business needs?

  • Develop a strategically digital organization
  • Adopt a disciplined approach to IT Investment
  • Meet the business needs of the internal stakeholders and facilitate decision making 
IT Cost Optimization *

Why protecting your innovation funding is critical to your organization’s long-term success?

  • Develop IT financial transparency to support cost-related decisions?
  • Engage business stakeholders and identify the opportunities to shift IT Investment during difficult times
  • Leverage the existing IT resources
CISO and CIO Metrics for the Board

Information security has increased visibility with the corporate board of directors.  

  • When the CEO says the board wants to discuss the security strategy, will you be ready? 
  • Do you have a risk-based approach to security and how do you prioritize investments? 
  • Are you effectively demonstrating the maturity of your security posture over time?
Cloud Migration Strategy

How to use cloud strategies to reduce premise resource dependencies

  • Moving to a virtual, cloud-connected workforce to mitigate external disruptions
  • How office closures, social distancing, and shelter-in-place orders have impacted cloud use and acceptance 
  • How to improve the customer experience while delivering innovation
Build an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy

How to strengthen the security posture of your organization?

  • Establish risk tolerance and appetite
  • Determine where you are at and where you want to be
  • Leverage security frameworks and best practices to implement your strategy
Strategic IT Modernization *

Why the consumerization of IT is a critical driver for the CIO's strategic mission?

  • Accelerate your organizational and technological innovation to respond to market or workplace need
  • Help architect your digital strategies to elevate stakeholder satisfaction and customer acquisition
  • Embrace the API economy while continuing to safeguard and secure IT systems


Meenakshi Baker

Assistant Vice President, Agile Software Design and Development
New York University

S. Bhasker

Corporate Chief Information Officer

Rahul Patel

Chief Information Officer | Chief Innovation Officer | Managing Director
KBC Bank & Verzekering

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