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December 6, 2018 | Florida

A Knowledge Exchange Program for Corporate IT Leaders in the Healthcare Industry

Discussion-based gathering of Healthcare CIOs, CTOs, CMIOs, CHIOs, and EVPs, SVPs, VPs of IT from hospitals and healthcare providers in the U.S.
Select 4-5 discussion groups out of over 25 topic-specific options to fit your priorities and planned initiatives.
Each group is led by a leading Healthcare CIO and attended by a maximum of 16 CIOs, CTOs, CMIOs, CHIOs, and EVPs, SVPs, VPs of IT. 
Select specific engagements with solution providers based on your current needs and IT goals.


The Healthcare Strategy Meeting is a discussion based gathering of information technology leaders from Health Systems and Hospitals from across the US.  This event is invite only and attendance is limited to CIOs, CTOs, CMIOs, and SVPs/ VPs of IT with varying responsibilities.


As opposed to a traditional conference setting with a speaker/ audience format, the “discussion group” environment demands group participation which leads to a sharing of ideas and experiences at multiple levels and stages of implementation.



Each CIO is engaged with and selects on average 2-3 vendors they want to meet with. Their selection is based solely on current or planned initiatives and interest in the service offerings of the attending vendors.



Healthcare Digital Future
What are the digital healthcare realities and future trends?
• What are the expectations and requirements for refocused IT strategies in the Post-EHR era?
• Managing Big Data strategies and investments in analytics
• Capitalizing on presently established EHR capabilities and data
Transforming Healthcare Business Model – Population Health
How to use population health to meet the needs of patients?
• Preparing for inevitable changes to the health care system and reimbursement models
• Identifying risks of inaction
• Building a population health management strategy and addressing related gaps in information technology capabilities
CIO Leadership and Influence
How will you align your IT vision with your healthcare organization’s work and structures?
• Creating the balance between efficiency and productivity in your organization
• What does this mean to your healthcare organization’s IT investments and day-to-day operations?
• How is the IT plan impacting on cultural change and addressing the IT skills required for your healthcare organization?
Creating High-Performing and Strong Teamwork in IT
Ensuring quality talent and leaders are in the right places.
• How do you strengthen relationships, rapport, and collaboration from within?
• Developing an approach to recruiting with the importance of the “culture fit”
• Addressing disappointments, setbacks, political problems, and other challenges head on
Alignment of IT investments and Organizational Strategies
Establishing a mature and strong connection between IT investments, organizational strategies, and operational needs.
• How do you ensure alignment processes are inclusive, rigorous, and invite debate?
• What are some significant core clinical and operational aspects to focus on?
• Identifying initiatives for expanding and capitalizing on the ability to gather critical data while enabling new business models
Evaluating IT Opportunities and Initiatives
Analyzing major and minor IT initiatives and improvements thoroughly and continuously.
• What are the investment opportunities in population health?
• How do you improve industry changes towards value-based care?
• How to make decisions with business vision and management instinct
IT Governance
Developing sustainable IT governance strategies to increase your organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
• Forming initiatives for setting priorities and determining budgets across the organization
• Defining project management approaches
• Addressing IT problems and avoiding impulse decisions


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Feedback from Previous CIO Meetings:

“This is one of the few venues which continue to develop and nurture my professional relationships without the high pressure sales atmosphere so prevalent in other meetings.”

-VP & GM Caprock Government Solutions, HARRIS CORPORATION

“The small strategy sessions are much more fruitful in my opinion.“

-CIO, Heineken

“Great group interaction. Strong facilitation.”

-VP & CIO, Energizer Holdings

“It was the best single-day CIO event I have attended. I truly appreciated the smaller, round table, colleague-led settings for the main discussions. The intimate experiences and shared knowledge is what made this event special.”

-CIO, NYC Administration for Children’s Services

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