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November 16, 2017 | San Francisco, CA

Discussion Group Topics:

CIO Leadership and Influence

How will you align your IT vision with your organization’s work and structures?
• Creating the balance between efficiency and productivity in your organization
• What does this mean to your organization’s IT investment and day-to-day operations
• How is the IT plan impacting on cultural change and addressing the IT skills required for your organization?

Internal Customer Experience, Engagement and Business Alignment

Getting the balance right between engagement and business alignment
• Understanding the end user experience
• Identifying and aligning technologies and processes that drive end user engagement and productivity
• Delivering an individualized end user experience

Security Implications Resulting from an Increasingly Complex Environment

How will your organization securely embrace virtualization and cloud technologies?
• Internal applications more complex with integrations
• Mixing cloud applications adds complexity
• IoT and Mobile add complexity and reduced trust

Cloud: The Shift in IT Infrastructure

How to respond rapidly to technology changes and shorter business cycles
• Prioritizing cloud as a strategic objective
• Evaluating transition risk
• Securing your hybrid and public cloud-based platforms

Adaptive IT: Staying Responsive to your Organization’s Business Needs

How can you adapt to the evolving technological environment for your business to be successful
• Take advantage of new digital capabilities
• Invest in innovation to drive new revenue
• Develop cost savings and new business process efficiencies

Customer Transformation

Create a customer experience strategy.
• How to initiate the conversation in your organization
• Understanding the strategies by the executives at the varying level of your enterprise
• What are the perceptions, goals, concerns, and how to address them?

Big Data Platform Strategies

Are you spreading your ever-growing data across complex combinations of new and legacy environments to meet cost and legislative requirements?
• Do you know where all of your data is? Are you ensuring it continues to deliver value rather simply being a management burden?
• Are you creating Smart Data – that adds value to your organization and users?
• Are you eliminating stale data and increasing the amount of what you need?

Developing an Effective and Efficient IT Strategy when Undergoing a Merger or Acquisition

Key integration milestones—context, due diligence, initial priorities, infrastructure connection, application landscape, organization structure, data conversion, and gap analysis
• Forming a team with the acquired party
• Keeping score–tools to track the teams progress
• Lessons learned –what to look out for

Business Agility Methodology and Transformation
How can a modern CIO use the agile methodologies to lead the organizational transformation through IT?
• Drive business growth and innovation
• Deliver business solutions quickly
• Serve customers where they want to be served
Developing an IT Culture Aligned with the Business Culture
Creating and maintaining an innovative, business-focused culture in your organization
• Driving innovation throughout the organization
• Identifying the steps to align your staff and business to work together
• Successfully applying change management to transformational challenges
Modern Application Architecture
Why must your modern application architecture meet any business scenario?
• What level of flexibility must your modern architecture have?
• Create future proof application to prevent holding your company back
• What will your modern application architecture look like?
Talent Management & Workforce Innovation
How will your organization bridge the IT skills gap?
• How can your organization deal with the shortage of qualified IT professionals and developers?
• How can your organization bridge the growing skills gap while remaining competitive?
• How your organization adapt to the new application economy?
IT Governance: Greater Transparency and Management of IT Investment
Develop sustainable IT governance strategies to increase your organizational effectiveness and efficiency
• Determine priority areas for standardization, consolidation, and conventional approaches
• How will your IT department deliver outcomes for your organization?
• How do you engage and control “shadow IT”, particularly given the availability of cloud services?
Creating your Digital Organization
Are you ready to embrace your organization’s digital journey?
• Transform your IT from cost center and operational function to a genuine competitive differentiator
• Develop digitally connected multi-channels
• Create an agile and flexible IT culture
Strategic IT Modernization
Design a modernized strategic IT to deliver faster product and services
• Design a social and Omni-channel strategies
• Invest in strategies that allow an integrated customer experience
• Enhance customer experience
IT Business Engagement: Building and Maintaining a High Performing IT Organization
Build a high performing IT organization that is business and results focused
• What are the key elements required to have and maintain a high-performing team
• What is the best model for effective business engagement?
• How to create a stand-up Innovation Team
Future of the CIO in a Dynamically Changing World
The road ahead for CIOs— what are your challenges
• Will your business still need a CIO?
• How can you adapt to the changing world
• How do you prepare your organization and your team to these changes
Business Analytics and Intelligence
Leveraging your Information Management Investment
• Efficiency gains with an executable strategy and data-driven agile delivery
• Realize the power of business analytics
• Achieve value from open data for your enterprise
Women in IT Leadership

How experienced women in technology management transition to the role of CIO
• Identify the causes and lack of women mentors and certification
• Gain the skills you need through the CIO certification program designed exclusively for women
• Learn how to become an effective CIO

Enabling and Managing Data Innovation

Creating new sources of value for your organization
• Establishing a culture of innovation
• “Operationalizing Innovation”—Implementing innovation to achieve positive business outcomes
• Deploying effective change management techniques to ensure the success of introducing innovative business processes and technologies

Information Security Strategies

Information security has increased visibility with the corporate board of directors.
• When the CEO says the board wants to discuss the security strategy, will you be ready?
• Do you have a risk-based approach to security and how do you prioritize investments?
• Are your employee’s parts of the problem or part of the solution? Or both

Benchmarking Your IT Organization
Establish benchmarking strategies to meet your enterprise optimal results
• How well are your business strategies aligned with your IT?
• Are you partnering with business executives to implement technology that adds value to the enterprise?
• What techniques and trusted information you are using to evaluate business effectiveness

Understanding the impact of blockchain on creating the trusted economy
• Explore the underlying technology, and how blockchain may be used
• What is the government role in blockchain?
• Blockchain cases and improving the delivery?

IT Business and Process Strategy
Create an agile IT to deliver business value and move beyond keeping the lights on
• Shift from maintenance to innovation
• Drive business forward and quickly
• Embrace the risk of continued technological change
Coaching and the CIO
How coaching can be a useful tool for the CIO in development of the IT staff
• Use coaching to develop and improve your IT team performance
• Determine your IT staff behaviors and capabilities
• Help your IT staff find direction and create future leaders
Business Analytics

How to set a good data strategy and leverage analytics to expedite business outcomes.
• How can you best use data & analytics to find novel applications for critical business problems and generate incremental business value?
• How do you address the changing business expectations for data & what challenges to Chief Analytics Officers face?
• What are some tools at your disposal to ensure you do the best and have your data teams reach their transformational potential?

The Enterprise of Things (IoT)

The connected workforce and the realization of the Enterprise of Things (IoT)
• How will your organization adapt to the enterprise computing outside of traditional PC?
• What are the impacts that these connected workers and endpoints will have on your enterprise?
• How will you manage and secure your data with these new tools?

Digital Transformation
Create new capabilities and deliver business value with technology innovations:
• Does your company have a digital strategy?
• How can you adjust to new demands from your business in a digital world?
• What are some real-world examples of digital transformation & innovation?

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