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August 15, 2018 | Chicago, IL

A Knowledge Exchange Program for Corporate IT Security Leaders


Discussion-based gathering of CISOs, CIOs, SVPs/VPs of IT Security from the largest enterprises in the region


Select 4-5 discussion groups out of over 25 topic-specific options that fit your priorities and biggest challenges

Each group is led by a CISO and attended by no more than 12-16 executives

Select specific engagements with suppliers based on your current security needs and planned initiatives



The CISO Strategy Meeting is a discussion based gathering IT Security leaders from the largest enterprises in the region. This event is invite only and attended stricktly by CISos, CIOs, SVPs/VPs of IT security.


As opposed to a traditional conference setting with a speaker/ audience format, the “discussion group” environment demands group participation which leads to a sharing of ideas and experiences at multiple levels and stages of implementation.



Each CISO is engaged with and selects on average 2-3 vendors they want to meet with. Their selection is based solely on current or planned initiatives and interest in the service offerings of the attending vendors.


The Shift in Corporate Cybersecurity Strategies

Determine the risk versus the rewards of the cyberspace

  • Develop a business plan that identifies threats and build cyber resilience
  • What critical capabilities your organization need to possess to increase resilience from cyberspace threat?
  • Ensure your plan can withstand impacts from evolving cyber threats

The Modern CISO

Why the modern CISO needs to understand the business and the overall cyber intelligence?

  • Identify the resources CISOs require at their disposal to combat advanced cyber viruses and malware
  • Gain understanding of how today’s cybercriminals are hacking systems
  • Build the best vehicle to support your organization’s information security challenges from top to bottom

A Holistic Business Approach to Security

Why there should be no barriers separating data security from the organization’s core business function

  • Protect your mission-critical information
  • Determine who needs to access it and when
  • Create acceptable security conscious company behaviors

The Transition from Alignment to Integration

Why IT security is not a standalone function and how to integrate with other business functions?

  • What can the CISOs do to integrate security into all business strategies?
  • How to manage turfs and silos issues
  • Why is integration vital to deliver what the business needs?

Build an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy

How to strengthen the security posture of your organization?

  • Determine the adequate security practices in your organization
  • Build a strong security culture
  • Adopt the best in class security practices that best aligns with your organization and industry

Cybersecurity Leadership

 The impact of cybersecurity breach can have on your organization

  • How will you defend the pace and scale of advancement in technology?
  • Why is understanding changes in adversaries’ tactics critical to your cybersecurity leadership?
  • How to adapt your security practices and educate users?

Information Security Governance

Strengthen your reputation risk management

  • Generate an integrated view of information risk
  • Adopt a robust and structured approach to assessing and managing risk
  • Develop agile practical strategies to deal with incidents quickly and effectively

Cybersecurity Resilience Review

Establish post-incident review to give your organization better risk management, greater resilience and more cost control in a cycle of continues improvement

  • Implement the capability for conducting post-incident reviews
  • Integrate into your broader information security risk management program to empower your organization to respond quickly and develop the resilience needed to survive the impacts of today’s sophisticated threats
  • Learn from the incidents and create continues improvement to reduce the probability of future incidents

Mobility, BYOD Security


How the mobile workforce and other trends are driving the need to focus security controls beyond the historical perimeters

  • How might the mobile workforce expose your organization to different risks?
  • How will you manage these risks?
  • How to implement adaptable mobility and BYOD programs in your organization?

Ransomware and Ransomworms


What are the trends and your risk mitigation strategies?

  • Examine the types of ransomware attacks
  • Understand the scope and the impact of the threats
  • Establish cost-effective risk management practices to mitigate against the attacks

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