Digitize | Transform | Lead | Secure

August 9-10, 2017 | Chicago, IL

Dinner Keynote:


Emerging New Technologies

How broadly will your organization be investing in new technologies?

  • Identify the gaps between the business process and technology available
  • Examine the investment necessary to transform the way your organization will do business
  • Develop a holistic look at how your organization will approach IT

Luncheon Keynote:


Digital Disruption

How can your organization create meaningful change?

  • Know who are the new players
  • Understand how they think
  • Create your digital disruption

Discussion Group Topics:

Big Data Platform Strategies

What strategies are you employing to spread your ever-growing data across complex combinations of new and legacy environments, given the cost and legislative requirements?

• Do you know where all of your data is? How is data discoverable across your organization?
• How do you ensure data continues to deliver value, rather simply being a management burden? Are you eliminating stale and increasing the amount of what you need?
• How are you leveraging Smart Data – that adds value to your organization and users?

CIO Leadership and Influence

What does CIO leadership and influence really mean?

• Is the CIO role an influencer within the organization or seen as an operational role?
• How does the CIO use the organizations overall strategic goals to help sponsor/drive change to improve services/products for customers?
• How is the organization of IT helping or impeding a business’s digital transformation?

Security Implications Resulting from an Increasingly Complex Environment
How will your organization securely embrace virtualization and cloud technologies?


• Determine the security solution that meets the shared security responsibility model within cloud environments
• How are you prioritizing cloud?
• Are you concerned that certain elements of your virtualization or cloud strategy are not achieving the savings and goals that were intended?

Cloud: The Shift in IT Infrastructure
Roadmap to respond rapidly to technology changes and shorter business cycles.


• Prioritize speed-to-market as a strategic objective
• Evaluate transition risk
• Adoption of managed public cloud-based platform

Adaptive IT: Staying Responsive to your Organization’s Business Needs
How can you adapt to the evolving technological environment for your business to be successful?


• Take advantage of new digital capabilities
• Invest in innovation to drive new revenue
• Develop cost savings and new business process efficiencies

The Future of Commerce
Implement experience-driven-commerce.


• How to initiate the conversation in your organization
• Understanding the strategies by the executives at the varying level of your enterprise
• What are the perceptions, goals, concerns and how to address them?



IT Business Engagement: Building and Maintaining a High Performing IT Organization

Build a high-performing IT organization that is business and results focused.


• What are the key elements required to have and maintain a high-performing team?
• What is the best model for effective business engagement?
• How to create a stand-up innovation team

Business Agility Methodology and Transformation
How can a modern CIO use the agile methodologies to lead the organizational transformation through IT?




• Drive business growth and innovation
• Deliver business solutions quickly
• Serve customers where they want to be served

Developing an IT Culture Aligned with the Business Culture
Creating and maintaining an innovative, business-focused culture in your organization.




• Driving innovation throughout the organization
• Identifying the steps to align your staff and business to work together
• Successfully applying change management to transformational challenges

Modern Application Architecture
Why must your modern application architecture meet any business scenario?




• What level of flexibility must your modern architecture have?
• Create future proof application to prevent holding your company back
• What will your modern application architecture look like?

Talent Management & Workforce Innovation
How will your organization bridge the IT skills gap?




• How can your organization deal with the shortage of qualified IT professionals and developers?
• How can your organization bridge the growing skills gap while remaining competitive?
• How your organization adapt to the new application economy?

IT Governance: Greater Transparency and Management of IT Investment
Develop sustainable IT governance strategies to increase your organizational effectiveness and efficiency.




• Determine priority areas for standardization, consolidation, and conventional approaches
• How will your IT department deliver outcomes for your organization?
• How do you engage and control “shadow IT”, particularly given the availability of cloud services?

Creating your Digital Organization
Are you ready to embrace your organization’s digital journey?




• Transform your IT from cost center and operational function to a genuine competitive differentiator
• Develop digitally connected multi-channels
• Create an agile and flexible IT culture

Strategic IT Modernization
Design a modernized strategic IT to deliver faster product and services.




• Design a social and Omni-channel strategies
• Invest in strategies that allow an integrated customer experience
• Enhance customer experience

Business Analytics

Enterprise transformation in new era of customer engagement.


• Addressing changing business expectations for data and analytics strategies
• Leveraging from the use of analytics
• Transforming with the role of IT from Infrastructure and app management to delivering Insight-as-a-Service platforms

Enabling and Managing Innovation
Creating new sources of value for your organization.






• Establishing a culture of innovation
• “Operationalizing Innovation”— Implementing innovation to achieve positive business outcomes
• Deploying effective change management techniques to ensure the success of introducing innovative business processes and technologies

Data Security Strategies
Implementing security best practices for protecting your sensitive data.






• Reduce exposure to data theft
• How will you combat your internal and external data threats
• Does compliance ensure security?

Benchmarking Your IT Organization
Establish benchmarking strategies to meet your enterprise optimal results.






• How well are your business strategies aligned with your IT?
• Are you partnering with business executives to implement technology that adds value to the enterprise?
• What techniques and trusted information you are using to evaluate business effectiveness

Enterprise Strategies – B2B2C: The Hidden Tsunami of Mobility
How mobile intelligence is transforming organizations thinking.






• How are you preparing your organization for the on-demand revolution
• Review your organization’s mobile innovation “mobile application” used in delivering
• Your products and services – Customer experience starts with mobility
• Develop deeper integration with your organization’s back-end systems

IT Business and Process Strategy
Create an agile IT to deliver business value and move beyond keeping the lights on.






• Shift from maintenance to innovation
• Drive business forward and quickly
• Embrace the risk of continued technological change

Coaching and the CIO
How coaching can be a useful tool for the CIO in development of the IT staff.






• Use coaching to develop and improve your IT team performance
• Determine your IT staff behaviors and capabilities
• Help your IT staff find direction and create future leaders

Digital Transformation
Leverage the advances and opportunity of digital technologies to transform business competencies and outcomes.






• What are the most significant drivers behind your organization’s plan for digital transformation?
• Which areas are being singled out for allocation of resources in your organization’s plan for digital transformation?
• Where in your organization is a significant change required for your digital transformation objectives to be met?


Understanding the impact of blockchain on creating the trusted economy blockchain.

• Explore the underlying technology, and how blockchain may be used

• What can we learn from enterprise adoption patterns of other transformative technology?

• What are the challenges and how organizations can address them?

Wrap-Up Story Circles:

Creating a Shared Story for the Future CIO


Future of the CIO in a Dynamically Changing World

The road ahead for CIOs – what are your challenges? 

  • Will your business still need a CIO?
  • How can you adapt to the changing world?
  • How do you prepare your organization and your team to these changes?

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