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Zscaler services enable customers to move securely to a modern cloud architecture

With over 100 data centers across 6 continents, the Zscaler cloud connects users to applications, regardless of where users connect or where the applications are hosted, while providing comprehensive security and a fast user experience.

Zscaler offers two service suites that eliminate the cost and complexity of gateway appliances.

Zscaler Internet Access securely connects users to internet and SaaS applications, scanning 40+ billion transactions per day of traffic to protect against cyber threats and data leakage.

Zscaler Private Access provides fast access to internal applications hosted in the data center or public clouds-without the need for a VPN.

How Zscaler services can move you securely to the cloud

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Unmatched Cloud Security

Always-on protection. No appliance complexity.

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Secure Network Transformation

From hub-and-spoke to direct-to-loud. Reduce latency and costs.

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Fast Remote Access

Better user experience. No remote VPN pitfalls.

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Successful Office 365 Deployment

Happy users. One-cllick deployment. No network upgrades.

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Case Study – AutoNation

See how AutoNation puts an end to the idea of deploying costly appliances by adopting Zscaler

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