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November 7, 2023 | Toronto, ON


CIO Future Leadership: Strategize and Adapt for 2023 and Beyond
  • Demonstrate and prove the business value of IT to the organization’s leaders
  • Is the great resignation an opportunity to hire fresh new talent?  Could your organization be the alternative?
  • What can we learn from the pandemic to think and operate differently?
Develop Your 2023 Cybersecurity Roadmap
  • How to address and improve key areas of security that drive business value
  • How to be a strategical CISO vs a tactical security engineer. Work towards creating an organizational cyber mindset.
  • How to strategically plan for the prevention and remediation of a major security event
Chief Data Officer (CDO) Role: Challenges and Opportunities in 2023

Leverage the new emphasis on data and invest in your organization’s future

  • Challenges: what role do the CDOs play in determining their organization’s success or failure?
  • Opportunities: build robust plans for responsible data collection and sharing
  • Data as-a-Commodity: what are the lessons learned from the pandemic about the role of the data and the new ways of harnessing data and delivering insights to help the business adjust?
Realigning IT Strategy with the Business Goals
  • Develop a broad spectrum portfolio of IT initiatives from operational and tactical to innovative and entrepreneurial
  • Focus on becoming a future-facing IT Department that embraces the ever-changing IT landscape
  • Develop the IT value proposition through IT investment as well as IT decommissioning
The Impact of Data on Digital Transformation

How to leverage data to drive and accelerate your digital transformation efforts?

  • What digital transformation means to your organization?
  • What are the traits of a transformational organization?
  • Build your data as the foundation of your digital business
Accelerate Your Company’s Digital Transformation
  • How to create a digital transformation mindset in the enterprise
  • Evaluate and recommend technologies to help your organization thrive. Understand the difference between trends and fads
  • How to accelerate digital transformation in an operational-mindset IT organization
IT Cost Optimization
  • Identify and prioritize cost-reduction opportunities
  • Collaboratively working with business leaders to convey the full implications of IT cost cuts
  • Rationalizing your application portfolio
Improving Customer Experience and Satisfaction
  • Understanding the importance of IT in helping shape your customer experience strategy
  • Collaboration between the IT and Marketing Leaders are imperative to deliver a strong CX
  • Adopt best practices for managing customer-facing applications/initiatives
Tech-Enabled Business Transformation
  • Adopt a value-driven approach to digital transformation
  • Use internal resources to identify areas to transform and processes to automate or re-engineer
  • Strategize ways to stand out against competitors and new business models to create
Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity
  • What is your cyber risk baseline? How can you strengthen your current security parameters using known frameworks (CIS, CSC, NIST, etc.)?
  • How to seek leadership support to create a cyber risk culture within the entire organization as well as with external partners
  • Is your data backed up and if compromised, how will it impact the company day-to-day?
  • Create a successful cyber incident response roadmap in collaboration with your organization
Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
  • Offer cyber awareness training and education for all staff, remote or on-site
  • Create an action plan to be ready to execute when you are already at a disadvantage
  • Explore threat intelligence platforms that work for your organization and budget
What is Your 3rd Party Risk Management Strategy
  • Create an effective governance policy
  • How to manage the expansion of the risk-based universe
  • Managing the risk of external data sources and technologies
Navigate the New Work Culture
  • Develop a strategic plan to hire and retain top talent
  • Develop a hybrid strategy of in house talent development and outsourcing based on “value add” service and realistic competency
  • How to empower staff to bring their whole selves to work?
Remote First/Hybrid Working and the Impacts on Corporate IT
  • Remotely onboarding new staff and remotely off-boarding leavers
  • Warehousing laptops and IT supplies
  • Security for BYOD access to Corporate data
Improving Day-to-Day IT Operations
  • Reduce complexity while maximizing sustainability, security, and scalability
  • Planning for and sustaining AI Technology and advancements and how it will affect IT operation functions
  • Managing the talent pipeline and advancing collaboration across departments
Drive Innovation and Lead Change
  • Shifting from short-term individual innovations to long-term and connected synergistic innovations
  • Develop a focus on human-centered tech initiatives
  • Focus on improving customer experiences, engagement, and loyalty to drive future growth
Supply Chain Management: The Role of IT
  • Refining and executing your supply chain strategy while maintaining alignment with your business goals
  • Creating business continuity plans with suppliers under security attacks or ransomware
  • Understanding the risks and preparing for potential disruptions
Data Governance

Rethink your organization’s data governance capabilities to meet the demands for new digital revenues

  • Identify the steps to position your organization on the path to stronger data governance
  • Drive rapid innovation while maintaining governance
  • Incorporate data governance into every project to promote accountability and data democratization
Board of Directors: The Importance of IT and IS Security
  • How to effectively communicate IT needs and compliance without evoking confusion
  • Creating simple explanations for complex ideas that relate well with the business functions of the organization
  • Understanding and communicating your organization’s security risks and how to be fully prepared
Alignment of Cybersecurity with IT
  • Link cybersecurity measures and protective functions to technology initiatives as essential requirements within every program
  • Build a framework that values both service delivery and risk mitigation from the start of all projects
  • Define the role of best practices (ISOx, NIST, etc.) as a common language between InfoSec and IT
  • Providing leadership that integrates processes and people within cybersecurity and IT promotes a collaborative culture
Data in the Cloud

How to balance the accessibility and protection of your data and deliver business value?

  • What are the issues and objections that prevent the adoption of cloud environments, and what strategies are effective for addressing those?
  • What are the best practices for utilizing data across organizations and with external partners?
  • How to provide tools to empower your employees to access the data and foster a culture of innovation?
Demonstrate the Business Value of Cybersecurity
  • Communicate how AI and machine learning can help IT Leaders achieve their goals
  • Develop metrics that move the needle
  • Stress the importance of data governance and how it can deliver trusted data
Responsible AI
  • Setting up necessary guidelines and transparency
  • Balancing the potential of AI Technology while considering ethical responsibilities with AI and automatic algorithms
  • Budget planning and the ROI of AI investments 
Demonstrate the Business Value of Data
  • How AI and machine learning can help IT leaders achieve their goals
  • Moving your Data Strategy to a top priority
  • The importance of data governance and how it can deliver trusted data

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