Digitize, Transform, Prepare, Protect

August 15, 2018 | Chicago, IL | JW Marriott

A Knowledge Exchange Program for Corporate IT & Security Leaders


Discussion based gathering of CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and SVPs/VPs from the largest companies in the U.S.


Select 4-5 discussion groups out of over 25 topic-specific options to fit your priorities and planned initiatives

Each group is led by a Fortune 1000 CIO or CISO and attended by no more than 16 executives

Select specific engagements with solution providers based on your current needs and planned initiatives



The CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting is a discussion based gathering of IT and Security leaders from the largest 2000 US companies. This event is invite only and attended strickly by CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and SVPs / VPs of IT and IT Security.


As opposed to a traditional conference setting with a speaker/ audience format, the “discussion group” environment demands group participation which leads to a sharing of ideas and experiences at multiple levels and stages of implementation.



Each CIO and CISO are engaged with 2-3 sponsors they want to meet with. Their selection is based solely on current and planned initiatives and interest in the product/service offerings of the attending sponsors.


Adaptive IT: Staying Responsive to your Organization's Business Needs

Adapting successfully to the evolving technological environment
• How can you take advantage of new digital capabilities?
• Where should you invest in innovation to drive new revenue?
• How do you develop cost savings and new business process efficiencies?

Benchmarking Your IT Organization

Establishing benchmark strategies to meet your optimal enterprise results
• How well are you benchmarking organizational business strategies that align with your IT area?
• What areas of tech are you and your organization currently focusing on?
• How can you partner with financial leadership to identify IT as an added business value?

Blockchain in your Business

 Understanding the impact of blockchain on business processes and IT organizations
• How does the underlying technology work, and what are its main business benefits?
• What are some real-world business use cases and outcomes for those companies?
• What factors should CIOs use to evaluate blockchain proof of concepts or applications in IT?

Business Analytics

 Setting a good data strategy and leverage analytics to expedite business outcomes
• How can you best use data and analytics to find novel applications for critical business problems and generate business value?
• How do you address the changing business expectations for data and what challenges do Chief Analytics Officers face?
• What are some tools at your disposal to ensure data teams reach their transformational potential?

The Modern CISO & CIO Roles

Why the modern CISO & CIO need to work together more than ever before.
• How the increased focus on cybersecurity has affected the pivotal relationship between the CIO & CISO
• How the threatening events have moved security to the top of the CIO’s agenda
• Build a unified front to support your organization’s information security challenges from top to bottom

A Holistic Business Approach to Security


Why there should be no barriers separating data security from the organization’s core business function
• Protect your mission-critical information
• Determine who needs to access it and when
• Create acceptable security conscious company behaviors

The Transition from Alignment to Integration

 Why IT security is not a standalone function and how to integrate with other business functions?
• What can the CISOs do to integrate security into all business strategies?
• How to manage turfs and silos issues
• Why is integration vital to deliver what the business needs?

Build an Enterprise-Wide IT Security Strategy

How to strengthen the security posture of your organization?
• Establish risk tolerance and appetite
• Determine where you are at and where you want to be
• Leverage security frameworks and best practice to enable your strategy


James A. Kastle
Vice President Information Technology, Chief Information Security Officer
Conagra Brands

Ricardo Lafosse
Chief Information Security Officer

Ray Biondo
Chief Information Security Officer

Beyond LLC



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