October 23, 2018 | Washington, D.C.

Modernize | Transform | Secure

The Government CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting will provide you with the latest developments in IT government innovation, and explore the successes and challenges in areas such as:

Identifying what the distributive technologies are impacting Government CIOs


Examining why the Government is investing in securing America’s national future

Determining the drivers and direction for new technologies

Deciding on the future workforce and talent needed to drive the government IT agenda



The Government CIO & CISO Strategy Meeting is a discussion-based gathering designed for Government CIOs/ CISOs/ CTOs and senior IT government executives in the federal, state and local government departments and agencies.


As opposed to a traditional conference setting with a speaker/ audience format, the “discussion group” environment demands group participation which leads to a sharing of ideas and experiences at multiple levels and stages of implementation.



Each CIO is engaged with and selects on average 2-3 vendors they want to meet with. Their selection is based solely on current or planned initiatives and interest in the service offerings of the attending vendors.


Embracing Disruption

What disruptive technologies are impacting Government CIOs?


  • How will you plan for the radical long-term to adapt to the way people in government and citizens interact with systems?
  • What are the opportunities to create new systems?
  • How will the government balance the need to offer customized services and protect 
citizen’s privacy?
The Drivers and Direction for New Technologies

How broadly will the government be investing in new technologies?


  • Identify the gaps between the business process and technology available
  • Examine the investment necessary to transform the way the government will do business
  • Develop a holistic look at how agencies will approach government IT
Thinking Beyond Technology

Understanding your agency’s unique business needs and thinking beyond


  • Align your agency’s mission to drive strategy and push technology to enhance business
  • Engaging all stakeholders and your IT team and understanding your agency’s business process for successful implementation
  • Selecting disruptive technologies to meet your agency’s business needs
Government Analytics

How data can help government solve specific problems and prepare for major events.


  • Understanding the effect and impact of service delivery changes through analytic modeling, forecasting, and what-if scenarios
  • Gaining an understanding of individual citizen behavior to allow for more personalized and effective interactions
  • Maximizing agency budgets and achieving better outcomes by shifting from post-fact management of fraud and debt to real-time preventative strategies
IT Innovation in Government

The vision of IT innovation for public sector agencies.


  • Planning forward through innovation to deliver public service outcome
  • Develop personalized services to meet the needs of the American public
  • Design integrated information management programs to drive interagency collaboration
Digital Government

Align your digital strategy with organizational goals.


  • How to improve the internal collaboration, human resources, and procurement operations
  • How to shift away from legacy systems
  • What are the required changes to achieve the transformation to digital government?
Modernization Government Networks

Use of enterprise architecture roadmaps toward transforming government.


  • Building an IT modern enterprise
  • Transitioning to less expensive, more secure, and customer-focused IT environment
  • The ability to embark upon new and innovative activities
Mobile Technology for Government

Deployment of mobile technology within government.


  • How will you support the shifting paradigm towards a mobile workforce?
  • How can you enable your employees to work anywhere, anytime, with anyone and in a secure and socially collaborative way?
  • How can you change the values system and culture of your agency to support the workforce of the future?


Feedback from Previous CIO Meetings

“This is one of the few venues which continue to develop and nurture my professional relationships without the high pressure sales atmosphere so prevalent in other meetings.”

-VP & GM Caprock Government Solutions, HARRIS CORPORATION

“The small strategy sessions are much more fruitful in my opinion.“

-CIO, Heineken

“Great group interaction. Strong facilitation.”

-VP & CIO, Energizer Holdings

“It was the best single-day CIO event I have attended. I truly appreciated the smaller, round table, colleague-led settings for the main discussions. The intimate experiences and shared knowledge is what made this event special.”

-CIO, NYC Administration for Children’s Services

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