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October 23, 2018 | Washington, D.C.

Discussion Group Topics:

Embracing Disruption

What disruptive technologies are impacting Government CIOs?


  • How will you plan for the radical long-term to adapt to the way people in government and citizens interact with systems?
  • What are the opportunities to create new systems?
  • How will the government balance the need to offer customized services and protect 
citizen’s privacy?
The Drivers and Direction for New Technologies

How broadly will the government be investing in new technologies?


  • Identify the gaps between the business process and technology available
  • Examine the investment necessary to transform the way the government will do business
  • Develop a holistic look at how agencies will approach government IT
Thinking Beyond Technology

Understanding your agency’s unique business needs and thinking beyond


  • Align your agency’s mission to drive strategy and push technology to enhance business
  • Engaging all stakeholders and your IT team and understanding your agency’s business process for successful implementation
  • Selecting disruptive technologies to meet your agency’s business needs
Government Analytics

How data can help government solve specific problems and prepare for major events.


  • Understanding the effect and impact of service delivery changes through analytic modeling, forecasting, and what-if scenarios
  • Gaining an understanding of individual citizen behavior to allow for more personalized and effective interactions
  • Maximizing agency budgets and achieving better outcomes by shifting from post-fact management of fraud and debt to real-time preventative strategies
The Economics of Cloud

 Using cloud for secure, scalable and cost-effective storage.


  • Providing highly reliable, innovative services quickly and regardless of resource constraints
  • Delivering public value and increasing operational efficiency
  • Responding faster to constituent needs
Shared Services Strategies

How to leverage the strategic partnering between shared service providers.


  • Develop a sustainable shared services model to increase organizational improvements
  • How to build business partner relationships with your clients to ensure strategy execution
  • Making shared services a power play in the C-Suite
New Generation IT Talents

How government agencies are confronting the shortage in IT talent?


  • What is the ideal work environment?
  • What are the important factors to retain your workforce talent
  • How would you attract talent?  Do you know where they look and what they look for?
Making Big Data Smart Data

Creating value from big data.


  • What is machine-generated big data?
  • Why does it matter?
  • Gain ideas on how to use big data to for security intelligence, operational intelligence and business analytics
IT Transformation

Improving government service delivery through innovative IT transformation.


  • How can government prepare their agencies to capitalize on emerging IT transformation models?
  • What are the emerging IT transformation models?
  • What can government do to prepare their agencies for these emerging transformation 
IT Innovation in Government

The vision of IT innovation for public sector agencies.


  • Planning forward through innovation to deliver public service outcome
  • Develop personalized services to meet the needs of the American public
  • Design integrated information management programs to drive interagency collaboration
Digital Government

Align your digital strategy with organizational goals.


  • How to improve the internal collaboration, human resources, and procurement operations
  • How to shift away from legacy systems
  • What are the required changes to achieve the transformation to digital government?
Modernization Government Networks

Use of enterprise architecture roadmaps toward transforming government.


  • Building an IT modern enterprise
  • Transitioning to less expensive, more secure, and customer-focused IT environment
  • The ability to embark upon new and innovative activities
Mobile Technology for Government

Deployment of mobile technology within government.


  • How will you support the shifting paradigm towards a mobile workforce?
  • How can you enable your employees to work anywhere, anytime, with anyone and in a secure and socially collaborative way?
  • How can you change the values system and culture of your agency to support the workforce of the future?
The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA)

Leveraging technology investments across government.


  • Facilitating IT innovation, development and innovation
  • Encouraging a non-traditional environment and transformative change
  • Foster collaboration within the agency IT staff and project stakeholders
Data Center Consolidation and Optimization

Creating a new business value to government data centers.


  • Establish a meaningful baseline to measure progress
  • What is the impact on infrastructure modernization?
  • Consolidation vs. optimization – what is the best strategy for your agency?
IT Governance & Transparency

Develop greater transparency and management of IT investment.


  • How the use of Technology Business Management (TBM) taxonomy is benefiting agencies in modeling and managing IT cost and services
  • What is the impact of TBM on decision-making and investing in resources?
  • How will it help agencies move towards more data-driven, digital, agile government
Platform with a Purpose

Improving service delivery and the citizen experience anywhere, anytime, to any device.


  • Build enterprise systems that are agile, better integrated, and easier to manage and maintain
  • Respond quickly to business needs and create new applications faster
  • Moving to the cloud to design new services that meet citizens’ needs
Information Security Group Discussions:
National Cybersecurity Strategies

Protection strategies to ensure America’s cyber network remains safe from espionage, disruption, and reducing cyber vulnerabilities.


  • Enhancing national cybersecurity
  • Adopting multi-factor authentication to secure Americans’ online accounts
  • Safeguarding personal data in online transactions between citizens and the government
Open Source Technology

Deliver high value and improve security.


  • Why open source for government?
  • Do you know if your infrastructure is ready for open source?
  • How open source can provide government with a way to improve efficiency, open access to information and eliminate vendor lock-in
Infrastructure and Network Security

Protect critical government infrastructure through Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) initiatives.


  • Respond to sophisticated cyber threats
  • Maintain capabilities for continuous, real-time monitoring of the online threat environment
  • Develop an updated cybersecurity crisis management plan
Cyber Analytics

How agencies can elevate cybersecurity and increase protection through cyber analytics.


  • Leveraging big data to predict and prevent cyber threats
  • Identifying the potential of attack and determine the best way to respond
  • Gathering real-time intelligence to combat cyber attacks proactively
Citizen Engagement and Protection

Balancing government security with citizen/business online service access.


  • How to enable citizens and businesses to transact with online government services through straightforward and secure access
  • How to ensure those services stay highly accessible and available even in the event of a disaster
  • Taking an end-to-end approach to delivering superior protection, while offering a transparent user experience when accessing online government services
Snag for Information Security Talents

How agencies are facing the battle for acquiring the next generation information security talent.


  • Acting collaboratively, swiftly, and decisively
  • Capitalize on existing rules, regulations and hiring authorities today
  • Fostering inter-office collaboration between the team
Information Security in Government

Protecting your agency and data.


  • Recent trends in the world of cyber crime
  • Latest identity and access management tools available
  • Consideration for a unified approach to access

Wrap-Up Panel:


The Future of IT In Government

The role of the CIO in delivering impactful results to agency programs.

  • Increasing CIO engagement with agency programs
  • What technologies will be a high priority for government to invest in?
  • What does this mean to productivity and delivery of services in government?

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