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June 12, 2018 | Charlotte, NC

Discussion Group Topics:

Robotics / AI

Adopting robotics/AI to slash costs and simplify legacy systems
• How can robotics/AI automate day-to-day activities?
• How do you navigate cultural and technical issues to gradually increase adoption across your enterprise?
• What new skills will your team need to support AI adoption flexibly and resiliently?

Adaptive IT: Staying Responsive to your Organization's Business Needs

Adapting successfully to the evolving technological environment
• How can you take advantage of new digital capabilities?
• Where should you invest in innovation to drive new revenue?
• How do you develop cost savings and new business process efficiencies?

Disruptive Technologies

How will disruptive technologies change CIOs job in this changing world?
• Initiating tests of digital business vs. scaling digital business into something profitable
• Overcoming the company cultural barriers
• Mastering change, embracing growth and leading like a business executive

CIO Leadership and Influence

Becoming a Change Leader with broader responsibilities and capabilities
• How will the CIO role extend beyond the traditional delivery roles?
• How does the CIO use the organization’s overall strategic goals to help sponsor and drive customer-centric change?
• How is IT helping or impeding your organization’s digital transformation?

Differentiating Technologies

Business intelligence and analytics are driving delivery of digital products and services
• How will the CIO be involved in this differentiating technology?
• How data and insight create, delivery and life cycle of digital products and services?
• How will analytics help the CIO and the IT Organization cultivate new relationships

Benchmarking Your IT Organization

Establishing benchmark strategies to meet your optimal enterprise results
• How well are you benchmarking organizational business strategies that align with your IT area?
• What areas of tech are you and your organization currently focusing on?
• How can you partner with financial leadership to identify IT as an added business value?

Digital Transformation

Leveraging the advances and opportunities of digital technologies to transform business competencies and outcomes
• What are the most significant drivers behind your organization’s plan for digital transformation?
• Which areas are being singled out for resource allocation in your organization’s plan for digital transformation?
• Where in your organization is a significant change required for your digital transformation objectives to be met?

Business Analytics

Setting a good data strategy and leverage analytics to expedite business outcomes
• How can you best use data and analytics to find novel applications for critical business problems and generate business value?
• How do you address the changing business expectations for data and what challenges do Chief Analytics Officers face?
• What are some tools at your disposal to ensure data teams reach their transformational potential?

Strategic IT Modernization

Design a modernized strategic IT to deliver faster product and service
• Design social and omni-channel strategies
• Invest in strategies that allow an integrated customer experience
• Enhance customer experience

IT Team Member Engagement

Sharing real examples of CIO-driven innovation and its business impact
• How have you created true partnership that had real impact on business results?
• What have you changed about how you lead, communicate, and run your business that has driven innovation?
• What systems have you implemented to quantify your IT department’s success at driving business contribution?

Future of the CIO in a Dynamically Changing World

The road ahead for CIOs— what are your challenges
• Will your business still need a CIO?
• How can you adapt to the changing world
• How do you prepare your organization and your team to these changes

Women in Technology Leadership

Examining the challenges and opportunities facing women in IT leadership roles
• What are the causes leading to a lack of women in technology leadership positions?
• What challenges do female executives face, and what methods are effective in combatting these challenges?
• What resources exist for women in C-Level positions?

The Next Phase of IT Transformation

How will you reimagine your IT development, delivery and operating models?
• Shifting IT’s focus from maintenance and support system to innovating and enabling business strategy
• Staying responsive to the business and help in shaping the organization’s broader strategy
• Reimaging IT development to enhance IT’s ability to collaborate effectively within the enterprise and beyond its traditional boundaries

Internal Customer Experience, Engagement and Business Alignment

Getting the balance right between engagement and business alignment
• Are you confident in your end user experience?
• How can you identify and align technologies and processes that drive end user engagement and productivity?
• Delivering an individualized end user experience

Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with the Business Culture

Creating and maintaining an innovative, business-focused culture in your organization
• How do you drive innovation throughout the organization?
• What are the next steps towards aligning your staff and the business culture?
• How can you successfully apply Change Management to transformational challenges?

Business Agility Methodology and Transformation

How can a modern CIO use the agile methodologies to lead the organizational transformation through IT?
• Drive business growth and innovation
• Deliver business solutions quickly
• Serve customers where they want to be served

Cloud: The Shift in IT Infrastructure

Responding rapidly to technology changes and shorter business cycles
• How can your organization prioritize cloud as a strategic objective?
• How do you evaluate your transition risk?
• How will you secure your hybrid and public cloud-based platforms?

Trends in Software as a Service (SaaS)

Opening doors for cloud services with SaaS
• What is the impact on the growth of Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS and PaaS)?
• How do you simplify operations in order to make it easier for your customers to access services?
• What are the next steps to integrate SaaS, IaaS, and / or PaaS into your business processes?

Measuring ROI for Innovation Programs

Finding the right yardstick to measure the success of your innovation programs
• How do you make innovation investments that pay off?
• What is necessary to create a mix of quick wins and long-term aspiration projects?
• Which metrics make sense for each project?

Rethinking Cybersecurity for the Digital Transformation Era

Cloud & Mobility are turning network and security on their head as users & applications are leaving the corporate network. Are you prepared for the shift?
• As your organization increases its cloud adoption, how can you adapt your security?
• How you can secure your cloud transformation from the cloud?
• How moving branch workloads to the cloud enables a faster user experience, optimizes spend, and reduces risk.

Information Security Strategies

Preparing for increased visibility with the corporate Board of Directors
• Are you ready for a security strategy discussion with the Board?
• How can your organization have a risk-based approach to security and still prioritize investments?
• Employees: problem, solution, or both?

Differentiating Technologies

Business intelligence and analytics are driving delivery of digital products and services
• How will the CIO be involved in this differentiating technology?
• How will data and insight create the delivery and life cycle of digital products and services?
• How will analytics help the CIO and the IT organization cultivate new relationships?

Open Source Technology

How Open Source is impacting IT
• Why Open Source?
• Do you know if your infrastructure is ready for Open Source?
• How Open Source can improve efficiency, open access to information and eliminate vendor lock-in?

IT Transformation: When IT Shifts from Supporting the Business to Becoming the Business

Re-inventing your IT organization, its architecture and yourself to succeed amidst massive industry change
• How can you move beyond operational excellence?
• How are you shaping the organization’s broader strategy?
• What is needed to take your IT department to a new level?

Inspiring the Next Generation of Technology Leaders

How does the IT industry become more accessible?
• How can your organization benefit from supporting mentoring programs?
• How can you make your workplace appealing to young women entering the technology field?
• What can CIOs do to create the right environment for a fresh and diverse team?

Cyber Security

Discussing the impact of cyber-attacks on the level of confidence in your organization
• How do you balance safety with customer convenience?
• What are the new security risks the IoT presents for your organization?
• How can you best design, monitor, and measure your cyber-security goals?

Blockchain in your Business

Understanding the impact of blockchain on business processes and IT organizations
• How does the underlying technology work, and what are its main business benefits?
• What are some real-world business use cases and outcomes for those companies?
• What factors should CIOs use to evaluate blockchain proof of concepts or applications in IT?

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