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December 12, 2019 | Miami, FL | Hyatt Regency Miami

A Knowledge Exchange Program for Corporate IT Leaders


Discussion-based gathering of CIOs, CTOs and SVPs from the largest IT companies in the U.S.


Select 4-5 discussion groups out of over 25 topic-specific options to fit your priorities and planned initiatives

Each group is led by a Fortune 500 CIO and attended by a maximum of 16 CIOs, CTOs and SVPs

Select specific engagements with solution providers based on your current needs and IT goals



The CIO Strategy Meeting is a discussion based gathering of information technology leaders from the largest 2,000 US companies. This event is invite only and attended strictly by CIOs, CTOs, SVPs and VPs of Information Technology.


As opposed to a traditional conference setting with a speaker/ audience format, the “discussion group” environment demands group participation which leads to a sharing of ideas and experiences at multiple levels and stages of implementation.



Each CIO is engaged with and selects on average 2-3 vendors they want to meet with. Their selection is based solely on current or planned initiatives and interest in the service offerings of the attending vendors.


CIO Leadership and Influence
Why CIO Leadership and influence is more critical to CIO success than ever?
• As the CIO changes from a traditional to the transformational role, what new skill sets are required?
• How does a CIO develop the leadership and influence to facilitate business and technology change?
• How can a CIO use this influence to successfully lead a large transformation?

CIO Driving Growth
What roles can the CIO adopt to drive business growth?
• What differentiates the top CIO from the typical?
• What non-IT areas the CIO can focus on to drive growth?
• How would you measure your performance?

Developing an IT Innovation Culture Aligned with the Business Culture
Creating and maintaining an innovative, business-focused culture in your organization
• How do you drive innovation throughout the organization?
• What are the next steps towards aligning your staff and the business culture?
• How can you successfully apply change management to transformational challenges?

IT Transformation: From Supporting the Business to Becoming the Business

How will you re-invent your IT organization, your IT architecture and yourself to succeed amidst massive industry change?
• Moving beyond operational excellence: A strategic approach to IT Transformation 
• Learning to shape the organization’s broader strategy? 
• How do you work towards shaping a broader strategy?

Adaptive IT: Staying Responsive to your Organization’s Business Needs

Adapting successfully to the evolving technological environment
• How can you take advantage of new digital capabilities?
• Where should you invest in innovation to drive new revenue?
• How do you develop cost savings and new business process efficiencies?

Digital Transformation

Who or what is defining the digital transformation in your organization? Where is the value proposition?
• How does the modern CIO discover the synergies between business drivers, strategic partners, and IT vision?
• What impact does organizational and IT culture have to do with transformation? How about readiness?
• What changes in the business or IT is critical for digital success?

Business Engagement Strategy

How the CIO can create teams to interact directly with the stakeholders
• Develop a strategy to upgrade the workforce as part of the transformation
• Enable the agile enterprise to rethink operations
• Adapt and collaborate with the rest of the business and offer expertise on the digital abilities and ambitions of their business partners


Digital Leadership

How technology leaders can create an environment to support digital transformation
• Build an ecosystem that creates value
• Use leadership styles to enable and inform your organization’s digital capabilities
• Enhance your organizational capacity to support the future transformation


Monica Maria Sanchez

Executive Vice President, and Chief Information Officer
United Automobile Insurance

Julio Gonzalez

Chief Information Officer, Senior Vice President, Information Technology
United States Medical

Matthew Ghourdjian

Chief Information Officer
777 Partners


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